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New Sticky: Did you know wall kicks have a 5 frame window?Super modGothicLogic
New Sticky: Regarding Milliseconds on SubmissionsSuper modGothicLogic
New Sticky: Project64 v1.7 is now bannedSuper modGothicLogic
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New Average acceptance wait?MetroidKing
New Is GLide64 banned on Project64 1.6?Marotheit
New Widescreen PatchHackingNerd29
New What's a good time in 16 star PALBusbyy
New My run was rejected for "no game audio"StevenTheYoshi
New Where I can download picture for livesplitsMajoogSM63
New Turn off the sound of the gameSinonTania
New new CLess?defqon_Jan
New Is this a known glitch?ItsMaximum
New WR History 70/120defqon_Jan
New Emulators for AndroidItzKukie
New A lot of work but eventually totally worth it?defqon_Jan
New If I made a rom hack where sm64 wouldn't save and nothing else was changed, would it still be legal to speedrun?kittrz
New Sm64 jokes  Page: 1 2SuperM789
New wrong categoryBanzar
New Why is there no android platform?Bigpro19000
New Why is Wii64 banned?ActuallyImJerome
New Super Mario 64 Online Character Runs?!RicoDexter
New speedkick tutorialpenguin123es
New i found this in hmc (not useful i think)SioNisti
New ROMs ending in .exeLeeTheNPC
New Tips on the 16 star run?kittrz
New 16 star no BLJ Tutorialeternalove
New Any time-saving tricks for sub 30?ChanceCossitt
New Can I view controller input on emu?yirm5741
New question!? [BOB]SioNisti
New Found an Odd Cannonless SetupItsMaximum
New Co-op category? :thinking:MRAMNESIA8
New help with mario cam when first entering castlebrettyoshi9
New something probably faster than LBLJMasterBeiber
New 17 Star CollectedMajoogSM63
New Dead Zone for EMU controller like n64Galax
New is it ok to run sm64 with no music cheatBanzar
New Gameshark issusesChreymd
New 0/1 star timeeternalove
New Question from a new speedrunner!peromar64
New Practice CodesJumpyluff
New openemu allowed ?taska95
New Can I use save state GScode on EMU?yirm5741
New Video footageSuperM789
New EverdriveLinkus7
New BitFS Clip (16 Stars)Beentoz
New Speed running SM64 16 Star on Mac. Problem though.Fintendo
New [Update] Future Emulator SubmissionsSuper modGothicLogic
New capture card problemXein64
New Good timers for speed running on Mac?Fintendo
New is starting the timer like this allowed?SioNisti
New N64 controller on emulatorArtismExpert
New Recording with timerJb1754
New videosAd129
New Swim Faster (JRB, DDD, WDW)Beentoz
New Island Hop (BoB) 70 StarBeentoz
New Gameshark practice codes for wii vcRhoThanos
New Emulated PAL versions are actually the US NTSC versionTaylorTheKing
New Emulator ControllersWgofire
New I need some help with LBLJs for 0/1 star runsWorldRecordSmasher
New What's the best controller for the n64Ad129
New Split Times to Shoot For?nightstar1623
New Best use for "Butt slides"?MrGreen745
New Why?DerpySkittles
New Practicing for newbie :)Synozure
New Is dolphin allowed for VC runs?Faulheit
New Input display skinkule72
New Emulator Refresh RateShans
New Who was Shigeru?Lucky_Hamburger
New Are color codes legal? [EMU]Cheeheeze
New Differences with PALAlex97
New banned emulators?eternalove
New 64mau cheats on his PAL records  Page: 1 2Toadmax
New Emu runs in console section?Poke711
New Gameshark7hornet
New Can I use spd viewer in speedrun?MajoogSM63
New One Level Runs & Android EmulatorsBubbleButtSpeedRuns
New Super mario 64 in 24:47Bluemlittlem
New Funny Momentgameplaylibrarian
New How many seconds saves no and continue in 70 stars?Xein64
New ProblemKeubab
New Runs are not in EMU?ArtismExpert
New World's Most Popular Speedrun Game EverChocolateTheGaming
New US/Jap TimesavesOcarinaOfTimeFan05
New Why new EMU rules?!?!?!?DoubleADewi
New New Emulator Rule QuestionSuperspyro64
New N64 vs VC (Versions) Part 2AXCruise
New N64 vs VC (Versions)AXCruise
New Nintendospy skin(s)FrankLockes
New Emulator widescreenMrGreen745
New Comparison video of cheese's WR vs. Sig'sToadntoady
New MayFlash N64 Adapter Help?Chase3475
New TwitchPlays Completed Super Mario 64PantherSpeedruns
New Best controller for WiiuVC?Chase3475
New One QuestionDozePixelz
New 0 Star Lobby BLJ problemsAcoustic
New Optical differences v1 and Shindou7hornet
New Is there any reason Dolphin isn't used for emulator runs?SilverhandX
New 16 Star (Non-lblj) routeLifeboatServer
New Gecko codes for VC PracticeOfficialFern
New Photo clarfication?Æ102
New Questionvideogamemaster22
New Doubles Speedrun, need some info.CareTaker
New Game Requestvideogamemaster22
New Verification of Runs?Luvbaseball
New the most epic world record in super mario 64 historyahbeef
New helpArtismExpert
New Bowser throwsSpatialParanoia
New Reject version obsoleted times gotten after actual pbsFrostyZako
New Preferred BLJ Method?SpatialParanoia
New Clarification neededArtismExpert
New Easiest Category To Start With?Marthur
New Issue with pj64ArtismExpert
New Milliseconds in 70 StarLaxxius
New Can i run with glN64?Tayyip
New Get Yourself Speedrunning 2016 - Super Mario 64 70 StarKyman
New Two questionsTheDrop
New Everdrive 64 runs- NTSC on PAL?cros107
New New Leaderboards FormattingSuper modAlaris_Villain
New CCClessLuminal
New Why is VC hidden by default?Cine
New So now that emu is allowed, when is VC going to be allowed? 4HeadLaxxius
New Individual Level RunsBlackYoshi123
New Different versions of the Super Mario 64 EXPLAINEDSpaceMiner
New Frame Rate Drop - Dire Dire DocksJabba90
New How to analyze my times?sandwich2k
New I'm confused about the ILsArtismExpert
New What is the reasoning behind the 16 star route?emeraldaly
New evidenceSinonTania
New Are you allowed to use the Rice PluginGameVsPlayer
New Are we allowed to run the game on Emulator?TheRomaniac
New When to start the timerEstrella
New Recommended emulator?aisforandis
New NEW! Moat Skip in Mario 64!Samtastic
New BLJ helpviewtifulday
New All Caps?Mchan338
New new strat for cage star in whomps fortresselectriccrusher891
New Can't you do MIPS glitch to make DDD quicker?Flabergast
New Emulators?Tom3s
New Homebrew EmulatorOctober_Scream
New Hilarious deathsJumpyluff
New New Categories?Lucario31277
New New Categories?Lucario31277
New ROM hacks IssueAdminkirkq
New Locked: Run that if founda_xxEzraBxxx_b
New Locked: New glitch??cookie587
New Locked: is blj's banned in 70 star  Page: 1 2a_xxEzraBxxx_b
New Locked: When do you start the timer?  Page: 1 2Laxxius
New Locked: Why is N64 the only console allowed in single star?Lucky_Hamburger
New Locked: Mods  Page: 1 2Jumpyluff
New Locked: Future emulator submissionsSuper modGothicLogic
New Locked: Add "Fastest star 100c inclusive" to IL'sdefqon_Jan
New Locked: Misc. Categories on the Leaderboards  Page: 1 2 3bebopbandit
New Locked: Removing EMU and VC from the leaderboards  Page: 1 2 3bebopbandit
New Locked: 50 Star category?TheBronyGames
New Locked: New Categories?  Page: 1 2 3 4Lucario31277
New Locked: IL Categories?  Page: 1 2Ampsen
New Locked: 120 Star TAS suggestionsspeedrunner123
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