Implementation of 'Thief Reflexes' variable
6 years ago

I just went through the trouble of adding the 'Thief Reflexes' gadget as a variable on the Master Thief challenges where you play as Sly, even if only for a minor part of it (see: Pressure Brawl).

If you don't know, 'Thief Reflexes' is the gadget for Sly that slows down time (to 0.25x iirc) without it affecting the in-game timer - allowing us to do precise tricks or movement easier .

When you submit future PBs, please set the 'Thief Reflexes' variable as either Yes or No. It should be set as required and defaults to No. If you want, you can go back and edit your older submissions as yes or no to save some trouble for the mods (more like save me trouble tbh :3) and to make the boards look cleaner.

In the near future I will go back and set the variable manually for top 3 times in every challenge. I would do it now but tacos :3

I am looking into adding it for Ultimate Gauntlet as well, but with its current position (misc. full-game) it seems impossible. I'm arguing to move it (back) as an IL as it's not a full-game category, and I doubt it gets more love when it's hidden by default anyway.

I will edit my submissions later, now that the videos have been cleaned up.

If you do decide to move Gauntlet over to an IL, I would make a post about it and sticky it in case anyone looking for it on the board isn't able to find it. In my opinion, it would make sense to move it, but whatever the mods decide is cool. :)

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