Ultimate Gauntlet has moved!
6 years ago

I've moved the 'Ultimate Gauntlet' leaderboards (back) to the Individual Levels leaderboards! In addition to this I've added the 'Thief Reflexes' as a variable, like I did with previous Master Thief Challenges yesterday. (See: http://www.speedrun.com/sly3/thread/q39o0)

I've already moved all the runs for you, so you don't have to worry about that. I might've spammed your inbox in the process, so sorry about that :3

I'm posting (and stickying) this thread in case people are confused as to where the Ultimate Gauntlet leaderboards went, as suggested by Cooopercrisp.

Link to the new leaderboards: http://www.speedrun.com/sly3/Ultimate_Gauntlet

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so did i dream about this or is there a strat to pounce off of lasers and right off of points without doing the slam thing

There is a strat, but I don't know how to pull it off.


It's a strat found by Furball, named a Furball Jump. Hit X+Square+Feral Pounce button right before landing on the laser (towards the end of the animation caused by hitting x+circle to land on it).

Remo explains it in text form here: http://www.speedrun.com/sly3/guide/9o0s2


Can old obsolete runs for Gauntlet still be restored? Leaderboards atm show only obsolete runs that were submitted after moving it to ILs and fake progression of WR and PBs along with it.


We have no way to automatically restore them.

All runners are free to submit their old PBs as they want, but we don't have an overview of all the runners' old PBs. It's a bit unfortunate for the sake of displaying and preserving history, but there's not much we can do about it on our own. I think I will add my old ones since I personally am interested in seeing improvement and lists like these. From a personal standpoint, I encourage others who are interested to do the same, if you have the times written down somewhere or have the videos for them still (video being preferred but not required).

The Gauntlet leaderboards already moved once in the past, from an IL to a full-game category, so the old boards would've had some of the same issues.

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I've submitted my old PB's as well. When I have time, I can scour the internet to find PB's from other players to submit. It would be a shame to not have the boards accurately reflect the progress that has been made in this amazing category. In terms of platforming, this is the best the series has ever seen, and I want to be as complete as possible in its representation on the boards.

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Also, in statistics "WR history" graph shows WR progression only for RTA categories. Could the graph be modified to show progression of such for MTCs as well, including Gauntlet ofc?

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There's unfortunately nothing we moderators can do, as the option just isn't there.

The problem is the "default time" setting. It has to be set to either 'real time' or 'in-game time', and can't be set separately for certain categories or ILs. Categories using in-game time needs the real time component to stay at 0, else the game sorts by that instead. I guess the WR progression graph also uses the default time, hence why it glitches out.