A "new" completely RNG dependent but consistent strat that saves about 8.5 seconds when the game gives you the opportunity to use it. Works only for this specific spot as far as I know, which is after the 2nd attack pattern in the final stage of the boss fight IF LeFwee offers you to strike him with using triangle. Chances here are basically 50/50. You can push him for entire length of his vulnerability animation which lasts for 2 seconds but you don’t need to use all of that and try to strike him in the last possible frame in order to get both pattern cycle skips. Just press triangle right before he puts his hat back on.

As seen from the video, normally the final stage has been possible to complete with 5 strikes on LeFwee but with this strat it's possible to finish him with only 3.

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Since the Continue Episode 6 glitch was allowed for ep 6 runs and All Jobs, I believe this video should be on here

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Kaine CSS is somehow the oldest and least known cutscene skip in this game. Potential reasons for this are 1. when it was found years ago it was considered too hard and 2. it didn't save that much time anyways.... ? I deem this cutscene skip to be the easiest in the game, even easier than Battery of Peril CSS. You literally just have to run to water. As seen from comparison above, it's not possible to die too early in any% runs since Sly's drowning animation lasts so long.

And you end up skipping more of the cutscene the faster you die.

Saves 9 seconds... or basically 8 since it seems that you can't get an early first hit on Dr. M after the skip.

Top left: any% strat Bottom left: All Jobs strat Top right: just barely got the skip Bottom right: just barely missed the skip

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