Shrek 2 Guide (Info, ATs, Glitches/Tricks)
Shrek 2 Guide (Info, ATs, Glitches/Tricks)
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Character Stats


  • Health - 47 Combo - 2, 4, 14 Air Attack - 2 Run Attack - 2 Jump - Low

-Fiona- Health - 43 Combo - 2, 3, 10 Air Attack - 2 Run Attack - 2 Jump - Low

-Donkey- Health - 32 Combo - 2, 3, 8 Air Attack - 2 Run Attack - 2 Burro Blast - 20 Jump - Low

-Gingy- Health - 28 Combo - 1, 2, 7 Air Attack - 3 x 3 Run Attack - 2 Jump - High

-Lil Red- Health - 32 Combo - 1, 2, 4 Note: An apple is thrown with each combo attack Apples - 5 Air Attack - 5 Rotten Apples - 20 Jump - High

-Puss in Boots- Health - 32 Combo - 1, 3, 9 Air Attack - 2 Run Attack - 2 Jump - High

-Wolf- Health - 47 Combo - 2, 4, 10 Air Attack - 2 Run Attack - 2 Huff'n'Puff - 3 Jump - Low

-Fairy- Health - 28 Air Attack - 4 x 3 Projectile - 1 Jump - High

-Shrek & Donkey- Health - 47 Combo - 3, 4, 11 Air Attack - 5 Run Attack - 3 Charge - 10 (Up to three hits on each enemy) Note: Hold the special button to make the charge last longer Jump - Low

Shop Info

-Spooky Forest- Health +3 = 200 Attack +1 = 400 Double Coins = 600

-Walking the Path- Health +6 = 400 Regen per Minute +8 = 1200 Attack +4 = 1300

-Prison Break- Health +9 = 900 Attack +6 = 1800 Regen per Minute +8 = 2200

Advanced Techniques / Glitches

Animation Cancel (AC)

Swapping to a character in many cases cancels whatever animation they were doing and instead plays a brief animation associated with switching to that character. By starting an attack and quickly swapping between characters you can end attacks early. It does not work on all attacks or other animations.

-AC works with all 3 Hit Combo Attacks and Run Attacks.

For Air Attacks: -Works only before you hit the ground: Shrek, Donkey -Works even after hitting the ground : Fiona, Lil Red, Puss in Boots, Wolf -Does not work / Does not matter : Gingy, Fairy, Shrek & Donkey

For Special Attacks: -Works : Shrek, Donkey -Does not work / Does not matter : Fiona, Gingy, Lil Red, Puss in Boots, Wolf, Fairy, Shrek & Donkey Note on Shrek's special: Only makes a difference when picking up and throwing things. The character switching inputs must be slightly delayed for it to work.

Other animations AC works with: Hitstun, Pulling levers, Reviving

Using AC with Donkey's Run Attack is the fasting way of running in the game. Shrek's AC Run Attack is also notably faster than walking normally.

Lever "storage"

-Almost useless glitch, though it can ruin runs if it catches you off guard. -If you walk close to an unpulled lever and then walk away from it the character will run towards that lever the next time you press X (Gamecube controls). This pops up most often in runs during Walking the Path. -There are ways a character can lose its stored lever, but I do not know what they are. -If you press X and activate a stored lever then switch to another character, the character running towards the lever can zip towards it (you can zip through some walls with this).

-Example: -At the beginning of the clip notice how Puss in Boots gets close to a lever and does not pull it. Later when I unload the stored lever Puss zips towards it (sometimes he goes through the wall when you do this).

-It saves a small amount of time in 100% here: -This strat is a meme (does not save time):

Other Mechanics of note

-When CPU controlled characters fall behind the human controlled ones, the CPU characters run faster to catch up. This makes rushing ahead with Donkey worthwhile even if he has to wait for the CPUs to catch up.

-Most fight sequences in the game will end if you defeat all of the enemies, or if you knock all of the enemies out of the fighting area. The most useful cases where you can do the latter are in the level specific trick list below.

-Anything with the burro blast symbol on it (meaning you are supposed to hit it with a burro blast) can also be hit with a rotten apple, TNT barrel, or Shrek & Donkey's charge attack.

Tricks / Glitches by Level

This is a list of level specific skips, glitches etc. and some description on how to pull them off.

If you have any questions about a running this game feel free to ask in the forum here or on the Shrek speedrunning discord server (linked on the sidebar).

Shrek's Swamp

Shrek's Swamp Skip

-Video: Saves about 2:00

-You want to have Shrek go through the gate around the part where the two doors of the gate form a crack. That's the main thing I try to focus on regarding Shrek's position when I pick up the snail. Also make sure that Shrek is already running against the gate when you press the button to pick up the snail (very important). -The angle Shrek is running probably matters to some extent too. -You will need to manipulate the camera to get Shrek past the crocodiles. Keep Shrek near the edge of screen and tilt the camera forward a bit at a time. -This gate clip was discovered by SuperSqank.

Old Shrek's Swamp Skip

-Video: Saves about 1:30 -Requires more than one human controlled character. -To do this with one player using two controllers, plug in the second controller while holding down and slightly to the left on its control stick. This will allow you to make Shrek run against the gate without anyone touching the controller.

-Note: The game will not allow Gingy to pass the crocodiles unless you manipulate the camera angle. -The gate clip was discovered by Markusman64ds.

2nd Gate Clip

-Video: -You need to dash attack at least once to get deep enough into the corner for this to work. -Once you are in the corner, dash attack away from the gate to clip through it.

Spooky Forest

Dragon Statue Fight Skip


-You need to pull the lever to lower the first bridge for camera related reasons. -Jumping across beside the bridge allows you to enter the fight arena out of bounds. -Don't try to jump across the gap to get the checkpoint. Instead run off the edge and drift across the gap. If you jump you will land in the river most of the time. You will also hit the river if you run off too close to where the 2nd bridge comes down. Running off where I do allows Shrek to go underneath the river hitbox. -I use an animation cancel air attack to stall Shrek's fall speed once it accelerates, though this may not be necessary. -About 20 seconds faster than a good fight.

Early Checkpoint

Videos -Shrek: -Donkey:

-Any character (I think) can grab the checkpoint early by jumping at the wall at the right spot. -Shrek and Fiona will not die if they run into the mousetrap. -Shrek is the most consistent character for this as you can eliminate any chance of Shrek or Fiona running into the trap and living. Donkey should be the fastest character for this trick but you need to make sure Shrek does not run into the trap.

-2nd Donkey version (most consistent for me): -Shrek pulls the lever and Donkey gets the checkpoint -After getting the checkpoint, switch to Fiona so that she won't run into the mousetrap

-For an even more consistent setup use a second controller to hold back the AI (or run co-op).

Poison Apple Fight Skip

-Video: -This is going to be slower than good fight strats unless you get it very quickly. I would not recommend doing this in single player runs at all. If you get it very quickly and get a good respawn time this could save 1 second maybe. -In co-op, without moving the camera angle like in the video, have Red and Shrek both run down and to the right. You can use the notches built into Gamecube controllers to get the angle.

Rats and Mousetraps skip

-Video: -If you go quickly through the later part of the level, you do not need to defeat the rats behind bars and you do not need to disarm the last three mouse traps. You do not need to go insanely fast, as long as you do not stop you should make it.

Gate Clip

-Video: -Saves a second if you get it on your first or second try.

Far Far Away

Chicken Mission Celebration Skip

-Video: -You can get the snapshot and skip the celebration dance if you exit the mission at about the same time as the last chicken is flying over the fence. You get the snapshot when the last chicken hits the ground. You lose control (thus losing the ability to exit) the same time you get the snapshot, so you need to press x sometime before the chicken lands. There is a lot of leniency, don't worry much about exiting too early. -The mission celebration is about 5 seconds long.

-Co-op: -You don't need to be as elaborate in a co-op run. Shrek can throw it from a closer spot with another player standing on the exit. Someone else could hit the last chicken in instead of Shrek throwing it as well.

Troll Glitch

-Video: -Not fast enough to replace any of the missions used in Any%. -Very inconsistent, crashes the game a lot of the time for unknown reasons.

Shrek Hero Time glitch

This does not work on PS2 or Dolphin emulator. Xbox has not been tested yet. -Video: -Make sure that the thugs for Hero Time spawn twice before you enter the arena. You can watch the counter at the top left of the screen (make sure it appears two times). After that all you need to do is grab the health potion. It should be faster if you switch to the character in the rats mission after you revive them to make sure they aren't killing anymore rats, but I hadn't thought of that yet when I made the video.

Rats Celebration Skip

-Video: -Throw the apple, then immediately press X to exit.

-Co-op: -Press X (Gamecube) to exit after the burro blast starts but before it hits the Pied Piper.

One Player Humpty Dumpty

-Video: -This is slower than doing Humpty Dumpty normally, although it is easier. -Place one character inside the wall outside of the rat mission (recommended to use Fiona because her air attack is better for stunning the thugs in Humpty Dumpty). Then enter the rat mission with the other three characters and let the rats kill them. Then walk to the Humpty Dumpty mission in the Out of Bounds area with the character inside the wall.

Walking the Path

Seesaw Skip

-Video: -Puss must jump from the green high patch of ground towards the low point of the drooping rope.

Walking past Sawblades

-Video: -This only works with a few blades and only with Gingy I think. The one in the video is probably the only useful time for it in Any% and saves 1-2 seconds.

Troll Skip

-It is possible to skip the troll fight and go straight into the hero time at the end of this level. -Video:

-There is no known way to consistently get this skip.

-Note: This glitch is only practical in co-op runs as it requires Shrek to carrel a TNT barrel through a lot of the level. -When it fails Shrek often dies and you are sent a long way back.

Hero Time Skip

-Video: -Hold down after skipping the Hero Time to escape the Hero Time area. This will only work once, if you die for some reason you will respawn locked inside the Hero Time area. -Jump at the spot shown to get the zip that skips Hero Time. The skip only works after the cutscene has played so you do need to defeat the troll before doing this. -The zip was discovered by Eggsample.

Characters will not revive (typically a softlock)

-Sometimes characters will not revive even if you seem to have killed all of the enemies in the area. -This happens somewhat often in this level and it is unclear what causes it. -Using cookies to distract thugs instead of fighting them will reduce your chances of dying and getting this glitch.

Jack and Jill's Farm

Walking past a Sawblade

-Video: -A few character can walk past the first blade on the right side of it. When Gingy walks past he can hit the target to lower the blade from the bottom of the hill.

Beanstock Celebration Skip

-Video: -Remember that the mission ends when the last rat is destroyed. You can stand on the exit and let the cpus take care of the last few rats. The rats have a long death animation so there is enough time to react to the last rat being hit before it is too late to exit. -The rats can be hit again during their death animation, which restarts the animation and can change the timing for the exit. -Saves approx. 5 seconds

Skip a cycle during Gingy's Hero Time

-Video: -If you can make it into the first safe zone without waiting for the first set of tomatoes to roll by then it accomplishes the same thing as the setup below. Normally you can do this if you do not slow down. -The timing is tight, so find a visual cue that consistently works. -What I do: Jump onto the highest flower, facing LEFT. When the closer tomato is blocking the opening on the right I start holding up. Because Gingy was facing left, he has to turn before he starts moving up.

Gingy Hero Time magic beans

-Fast ways to get each of the magic beans in Gingy's Hero Time:

Cow Skip

-Video: -By clipping through the gate, you no longer need to use a cow to break it. -Works with Puss in Boots and Shrek.

Fairy Godmother's

Walking through doors

-Video: -If you run into the lasers in the first section of this level, there are doors ahead of you that close until you defeat a set of knights. -In the Gamecube version of the game you can simply run through these doors, they are not solid. Does not work on PS2 as far as I know, not sure about Xbox.

Gear Skip

-Video: -If Shrek steps in a certain spot in Fairy Godmother's, he uses a gravity reversing potion and falls upwards. If you move up and to the right he will trigger the checkpoint for hero time, removing the need to pick up and use the gear. -Saves a few seconds. -It looks like Shrek is falling upwards, but actually it is his reflection falling upwards.

Defeat Fairy Godmother with Rotten Apples

-Video: -You can take half of her health at a time as opposed to one fourth by timing the explosion with when she shoots projectiles at you. -2 Round Fight:

Potion Room Skip

-Video: Softlock Warning: If you trigger the escape and then a character falls down out of bounds, you will be softlocked. Make sure you jump up through the floor before heading towards the escape trigger. (Correction: Not technically a softlock - it just might take over an hour to solve -

-Old (slower) Versions (oldest to newest)- Original Video: Original Guide: More Consistent Method Guide: Shrek Only:

Standing on Railings in the Potion Room

-Video: -This is only useful with the railing of the last adjustable platform. Puss can jump onto a rope above it.

Prince Charming Skip

-Video: -Tutorial: -To get this to work you need the camera move into a position that allows you to see the path that you would normally go to after beating Charming. To make the camera do this I place a character on the south side of the door, then switch to Donkey and run against the upper part of the door while holding up on the C-Stick to get the camera to zoom in. After the camera is positioned correctly you can go through the door with Donkey's dash attack (other characters can get through also). I jump over a railing down the path and to the left to reset after getting the checkpoint. -Saves about 1:10~ -This skip was originally discovered by Gamecuber

Quickly entering the escape sequence

-Video: -To open the door to the final escape sequence, you are supposed to defeat the two enemies guarding it. However, if you knock both enemies far enough away from the door the game will react the same way as if you had defeated them.

Prison Break

Zip Glitch

Gamecube exclusive as far as I know -Video: -This skips about half of the level. It occurs when Red walks down across the border between the inside and outside of the prison cell, seemingly at random.

-Consistent setup: -Move Red to the up-right corner of the cell. Then switch to Wolf and block the now AI controlled Red so that she is walking on the border of the cell. Make slight movements downward to try and get the right spacing if it does not work at first. -Credit to HeyitsBentley and SushiGummy for discovering the setup.

Dropping a Cage from Beneath

-Video: -You can jump through the bottom of this particular cage, saving you from using the stairs.

Pump skip


-Can be done with Gingy or Lil Red. Gingy is easier. -Found by KDavisSRL.

Checkpoint Abuse

-Video: -Falling to your death at the same time you get this checkpoint saves you a trip down the stairs and restores your health.

Defeating the Troll with a Boulder--

-Video: -You can kill the troll by rolling the boulder into him. He does not actually die, but you get the snapshot you would normally get for killing him. The most consistent way to obtain the snapshot this way is to push him out of the arena or into the back wall (which the game does not consider part of the arena). Using attacks to push the boulder is faster, but very inconsistent. -The only time this is useful is during a 100% run.

Entering Hero Time without pulling the lever

-Video: -This drastically reduces the amount of time spent pumping up the cages. -The jump is not very forgiving, it might take some practice. There is an invisble wall that must be jumped around, after which you must immediately hold straight to the right to maximize distance. Be sure that none of the CPUs are caught behinds any of the cages holding back the camera. -If you cannot make this jump consistently you can pump the cages up a little more and jump from the ledge with the lever.

Hero Time Glitches

-Video: (First two clips) -The first glitch in the video happens fairly often. When this one happens the Big Bad Wolf is doomed to die for no perceivable reason a few seconds into Hero Time. This is caused by starting Hero Time before the cutscene plays, which happens when you get too far into the Hero Time area while the cutscene loads. -The second glitch in the video happens a lot less often and its cause is unknown.

Walking on Drawn in Platforms

-During the Big Bad Wolf's hero time -Video: -You can only walk on the edge of these two platforms as far as I know. The key to not falling off is to hold straight up on the control stick. If you hold in towards the wall (to the right on the control stick) while on one of the platforms you will typically fall off. Move up close to the wall before jumping to the first platform for extra consistency.

The Mines

Ending Fights Early

-If there are no enemies currently in play, then a fight will end early even if more enemies were supposed to spawn. -Video: -This fight can be ended faster than intended by killing the first two frogs at the same time.

Easy setup -Video: To do this you must lure all of the spiders to the same spot with a cookie and kill them at approx the same time without walking forward enough to spawn the frogs.

-At other points in The Mines you can end a few fights by killing all of the spiders in play at the same time instead of destroying the spider's nests.

Quick Pumping

-Video: -Shrek & Donkey (or Wolf) can rapidly pump things by doing animation canceled air attacks.

Pump skip

-Video: -Works with Gingy also but I find Wolf easier. This saves about 1 second at most and is hard to get consistently. -With Wolf you want to have his air attack out for a little bit it distorts his hitbox and delays his fall after jumping.

Another Pump Skip

-Video: -Gingy and Puss in Boots can jump up to the ledge from the closest pump. It is easier to do with Gingy. You must be running as you jump onto the pump and you must jump from the edge of the pump. The camera is normally at a better angle than it is in the video.

-Puss in Boots can get it faster but it is harder:

Golden Stone Warrior Skip

-Video: -If you use Puss in Boots full attack combo right in front of the door he will go through it. -Saves about 35 seconds.

Hero Time quick ending

-Video: -Jump to the right directly after going underneath the 2nd to last spiky bar. Saves about 1 second.

Cookie, Cookie

Puss in Boots Out of Bounds Death

-Video: -Puss can use the rope to get out of bounds and walk off the edge of the building. -When the CPUs do not all reach the platform you can still raise it up, get the checkpoint, and use this trick to get everyone up.

Rooftops Skip

-Video: -Make sure that none of the character are on the high roof before you jump, or the camera may not allow you to go far enough. Do an animation cancel air attack with wolf to reset his falling momentum partway through the jump. -If you make it to the cutscene trigger your screen will remain black. You can reset the black screen by jumping into the death trigger seen here: It is directly above where Wolf spawns after the cutscene so all you need to do is keep pressing A. Your screen will stay black until all of the character die or until you jump into this trigger. -This saves 20-30 seconds.

Last section without Mongo

-Video: -I use Mongo for the first set of catapults, but you don't have to. -You can hit the catapults with Gingy's boomerang attack, it takes two hits for each one. -This is faster than doing the section normally.

Death Trigger at End of Level

-Video: -Do not go to the top left section at the end of the road, you will die if you jump (even if you do not jump with Shrek). Sometimes this will send you the whole way back to the beginning of the level.

Final Fight

Hitting Prince Charming with a troll's Bomb

-Video: -Prince Charming spawns immediately after the last troll's health is depleted, so he can be hit by the same explosion that finished off the last troll. This takes out almost all of Charming's health. -Sometimes you can end the last troll and still have a bomb in play that has not exploded.

Fairy Godmother patterns

-There is a way you can do the final section of Final Fight that works well at not having the fairy godmother sit in her bubble doing nothing for long periods of time. The main thing that you should do is not get too close to her while she is in her bubble shooting things.


-You can get sort of close but shouldn't be close enough to hit her until she starts coming down. Once she is ready to start shooting those heat-seeking balls, I start by standing on the left side of the arena about 3/4 of the way to the north boundary of the circle (position doesn't need to be very precise). When she shoots a projectile I run to the other side and stop. Rinse and repeat until her bubble disappears. Getting hit can sometimes make you lose the fast pattern. The fastest fight here is about 35 seconds better than the slowest.

Grabbing potions without Puss in Boots

-Everyone except Donkey can reach the potions that are on high platforms by jumping at them.

Cheat Codes


-Gamecube: -PS2: -XBox:

Note: the unlock all levels cheat code is useful for setting up a file to do Individual Level runs or practice 100%.

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