Shrek Swamp Fence Clip
7 years ago

i found this fence clip in shrek swamp, but i don't know if i can get to the other side with it without getting the eyeballs

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I have got Shrek in this wall using a different method. I do not think it is possible for him to make the jump needed to reach the other side.

After playing around I found a few more places that shrek can clip into the scenery

It looks like when shrek is holding an object the scenery will pull shrek with the object if the object gets pushed around.

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Here it is:

Someone on the Shrek speedrunning discord had figured out how to get Fiona across the fence, and I used the same technique to get Gingy past the fence here.

This will only work with multiple players, and the camera needs to be manipulated to allow Gingy to get passed the crocodiles.

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After doing some testing, I managed to find an even faster way to clip through the fence which allows us to skip collecting the eyeballs. You can also do it with one controller unlike the old method but you still want a player 2 for the croc section. You can't throw the slug at the target for some reason which is why you use the turtle.

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Amazing find! I wonder if this could be used elsewhere?

Edit: After testing, this seems to be a lot less consistent than the previous setup.

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Yeah, most definitely. It's not very consistent at all.

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I found a spot that works pretty nicely for me. I couldn't figure out if its Shrek's position relative to the snail or the snail's position on the fence that makes it clippable. Here's me showing my spot a few times with savestates: The part I was having trouble with was actually getting the snail through the fence, and I can't figure out if that's because I'm just bad or if that's the inconsistent part you guys are talking about.

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That is about the same thing I do now. I think it might be important to make sure Shrek is running against the wall when you go to pick it up. I think it is Shrek's position that matters as the snail's position does not vary much. (It could be both)

For getting the snail in the fence, there are a few things I do that seem to make it work pretty consistently. First, make sure Fiona is close to Shrek when he puts the snail down. You may have to run in a circle to reorder the CPUs. Then, place the snail down at the angle here:

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