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4 years ago
She/Her, It/Its
4 years ago

I am interested in running this game glitchless, could you add a category for that?

United States

This was discussed before on the Discord server and there is a significant problem with a glitchless category.

The most commonly used glitch in the run, animation canceling, happens rather easily in normal gameplay. Whenever you switch to a character it cancels whatever animation that character was currently doing. There are many different applications of this glitch during runs but the most obvious thing it does is allow you to move faster with Donkey and Shrek. Whenever the AI are fighting enemies, they constantly attack, making it so that you couldn't switch characters without doing the glitch.

So a glitchless category that bans animation canceling is not feasible imo. A No OoB category is more compelling but rules would need to be defined about which skips/glitches are OoB.

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