Unsolved/Elusive Glitches
1 year ago
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New thread idea, I think it'd be good to highlight glitches that we can't reproduce, or that are good candidates for glitch-hunting.

As always, if you have any to add to this, please do.

I probably won't be glitch-hunting this game much anymore, so if anybody else picks up this game, these would be good places to start.

Using Rena's map viewer, the trigger to load this room seems perfectly normal. I can't see any good reason why this room would fail to load.

This apparently has happened to Usiko once before too.

For 100%, BMC, and SF categories, a way to skip the high top gate would be awesome.

There are two leads:

  • Swim under the gate with a dino damage flip + grubtub dismount glitch. This doesn't work because Fox can't hit triggers while in the dismount state (unless we use SRM like in void travel routes...)

  • Firefly skip. If we can induce a cutscene void, we could void walk under the map, then hit the save trigger passed the gate, then do a FireFly discovery cutscene cancel to fix the game and save/quit/reload passed the gate.

Technically, this already works with insane ESW strats to cause a cutscene void from the Arwing due to Tricky not in the party. However, this will soft-lock after the High Top gate since we no longer have Tricky.

In BMC, TAS can skip Freeze Blast entirely by using Ground Quake hovers to bypass the flames in K5 instead. This is the only required use of Freeze Blast.

If there was an RTA way to quickly bypass these flames, it would save substantial time.

This trick sucks and makes going for WR too reset heavy. One possible lead that Dark-X-Rane suggested is to try doing the trick on PAL to see if the 50 FPS makes the trick more consistent.

Cam-Lock is simply not understood. Usually it only works on map boundaries, but there is an exception to this that allows skipping the Belina Te cutscene, despite Fox being on the same map.

Also, Cam-Lock does not allow for QES2 after SS4 is placed in BMC if the file is loaded from a save, however it works fine in a full run.

A better understanding of cam-lock could help find new skips.

In certain layers of TTH, we can use the detexturing glitch, then quit to keep the Arwing and some objects permanently detextured until a full console reset.

Also, sometimes when doing K4E, TTH will remain detextured. It would be great to have a better understanding of what causes this.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

This also causes enemies to become immortal. A consistent repro for this would be great.

This may be a related idea -- when leaving the mana upgrade shrine, Tricky is unloaded. From here, we can airswim and keep Tricky unloaded.

Eventually, he loads as a cube.

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San Francisco, CA, USA

I'm guessing this is either frame-perfect or position perfect barrel placement.

Can't find the video. Pretty sure once JubJub had a glitch where the camera briefly focused the completed totem puzzle after warping back from K3

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