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Hello. I'm @DWednesday, and I'm here posting on behalf of the SF Speedrun community, located @

Over the past few weeks, a number of concerns have been expressed in regards to @TheAndyGamingNetwork and the way he has been conducting himself as a moderator for the SF2 series. These are as follows:

  • Setting multiple WR times on his Twitch stream and then hoarding them, and not submitting them for verification, so they can be posted to the leader boards, and potentially beaten by other runners.

  • Deleting any times that are beaten by other runners, so the progression of the WR times can not be seen by all runners on the SRC boards.

  • Continuing to be the only active moderator in multiple SF2 games, despite receiving offers of help after growing concerns by the community of verification accuracy.

  • Verifying his own runs, when, ideally, another moderator should verify any times you set.

  • Adding categories, specifically 'Extra Speed' without even the most basic communication with the SF2 community.

  • Not having any contact with the wider SF2 community by not being in this discord for discussion and making all decisions entirely on his own, including not making informed decisions based on information provided by people who are in the know, despite being presented with this information multiple times.

  • Generally acting in a non community focussed way, when the SRC rules specially state moderators are to be held to a higher standard of behaviour.

I'm creating this thread to promote a healthy and open discussion between @TheAndyGamingNetwork and anyone else that may have a point of view in regard to anything mentioned.

Thank you, DW

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As already discussed with community members and with Andy directly. I have contacted site moderators as well as created a support ticket about this issue specifically in order to stay as community centric as possible.

However it was suggested that I, on behalf of the community, contact Andy directly. After some discussion we’ll keep this on the community forums in order to create more transparency between the community, the site moderators and Andy.

Thank you

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Thank you for bringing your concerns here on the forum, because before today I was completely unaware that anyone had any issues with how I have been running the board. I have consistently approved incoming submissions within a reasonable time frame and replied to forum posts when it made sense to. I will address all of your concerns here one by one:

My speedruns are my content, and as such I reserve the right to post or not post my content. Choosing not to upload a run is not against the rules. Same goes for deleting any of my runs that I no longer wish to be publicly displayed. That is my right as it is my content. Deleting my own runs is not against the rules.

No one has ever complained to me about "verification accuracy." I do not require assistance running the boards myself, but if this is a community concern, I will consider reaching out to Slowpoke (who has been a long-time moderator of World Warrior) and see if he has interest in being added to the other Street Fighter II games, as I definitely trust him.

I have seen many other speedrun boards where the moderator approves their own runs, so I didn't think it was that big of an issue because it doesn't make a run intrinsically more or less valid strictly speaking. Again, if this really is that big of a concern, we can possibly get Slowpoke to re-verify those runs so everything looks squeaky clean.

As mod, I have the authority to add extra categories as it makes sense to. I received a lot of requests to add individual character categories, so I listened and gave the community what they wanted. I recently added one additional category to Hyper Fighting because of an enormous speed option discrepancy. That decision seemed perfectly sensible for a variety of reasons. If anyone has an issue with that, this is the place to discuss it. That's what this forum is for. Bring your concerns to me, we can have a dialogue, and we can troubleshoot.

I don't do "discord" stuff. Again, if you have an issue, bring it here on the speedrun forum where it belongs, and we'll solve it. I can't fix anything unless you report a problem.

In summary, I have done absolutely nothing wrong or against the rules. In fact, I have done my best to maintain a clean board with reasonable approval turnaround time and no cheaters. I have replied to forum posts when anyone has a question or concern. Additionally, I absolutely do not appreciate you attempting to go over my head (submitting a "support ticket") before even so much as having a conversation with me. I consider that to be highly disrespectful and unprofessional conduct.

Before I was brought on as moderator, these boards were a mess. Arcade and console categories were all lumped together, and I properly separated them. It sometimes took well over a month to get a run approved on here, and I have been providing a much faster turnaround time for everyone. I'm always available to discuss anything here, but yet again, you have to make your concerns known to me. Otherwise we can't solve any issues that crop up.

Thank you for your time, -Andy

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You are a free to think that my reaching out to site moderation and creating a support ticket was unprofessional.

However, I don’t know you at all, I don’t run any of the games you moderate and would rather have a site mod communicate with you.

I was acting on behalf of others in all of this and as I mentioned to you. I was just trying to mediate this.

Thank for the response. I will be stepping away from this situation for the time being.

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for responding to the concerns put forward in the community post, we appreciate your reply, however, we would like to reiterate some points.

In regards to you not being aware of any issues before today, we would again suggest to you, as we believe others have previously, to join the Street Fighter 2 discord.

There has been extensive discussion of your moderation of the boards in there over the last few weeks, and your presence in the discord would have informed you of some growing concerns, and allowed you to participate in friendly and constructive debate.

In regards to the various steps you have taken to, in effect, keep your speed-runs hidden from the community - deleting the VODs on your twitch channel after you broadcast, using generic stream titles such as 'Street Fighter II', deleting previous times from the SRC boards, and not submitting your WR times for verification - they are indeed your content.

What we would ask though, Andy, is in regard to the spirit of the rules and what's best for the community. You are the moderator, you should be behaving in a way generally seen as ideal. Everything you do is anti-community, seemingly entirely focussed around yourself and your twitch chat.

Users are complaining they don't know what the 'real' WR is, because you are not submitting runs. There is no sense of fair play with you Andy, you seem interested only in creating a situation satisfying to yourself, even if it is at the expense of the community.

We would like to draw your attention to the following site rule, in regards to this: 'Users moderating games will be held to a higher standard of behavior than normal users for on-site and off-site conduct. If controversy and drama arises frequently from a user's conduct, site staff may remove the user from moderation.'

You should consider, honestly, if you are complying with the spirit of this rule.

In regards to your statement that you will 'consider reaching out to Slowpoke', we would also like to draw your attention to the following site rule: 'Leaderboards should be viewed as owned by the community and curated by the moderators. A user who requests a leader board does not own the leader board.'

This Andy, we feel, is an issue you fail to understand and appreciate. It is not for you to tell us what you will consider doing, it is for us, the community, to tell you what we would like to happen, and for you to facilitate it.

As well as the above issues with your behavior, you are currently the only moderator for Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter 2, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. In addition, one of the moderators for Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting, was last active over 2 years ago.

The community feels that this situation is not acceptable, and should be addressed, therefore, we should decide on the appointment of additional members to the moderation team. This is not your decision, please understand this. As per the site rules, this is our decision, the community. Simply adding Slowpoke as a mod, entirely as your decision is not sufficient, especially as you have stated you'd be doing most of the work anyway.

We are requesting some genuine community input, not you making what you consider to be the minimum concessions necessary to put the matter to bed without anything really changing.

You say yourself in your reply - 'I listened and gave the community what they wanted.' so I assume there will be no problem doing so again.

In regards to you adding the Extra Speed category because it seemed perfectly sensible to you – we would again request that you consult the community before you make changes, and not after, allowing for discussion.

You also said 'I have done absolutely nothing wrong or against the rules.', but we feel this represents a lack of understanding of what the rules actually are.

As well as the above examples, we would also like to draw your attention to the following SRC rule - 'The users moderating a game should represent the consensus of the players of the game. If it is evident that moderators are not representing consensus among runners, site staff may change moderation.'

The very fact that we are having these issues, is surely evidence enough that, at the moment, you do not represent the consensus of the players of the game. As the extensive discussion in the discord over the last week or so shows, that this is the case.

Finally, Andy, we would again remind you that these are the views of the Street Fighter 2 community, and therefore your comments, seemingly aimed at individuals who you consider to have 'gone over your head', as well as disparaging remarks such as accusing people of disrespect and unprofessionalism, are not acceptable.

They were acting on behalf of, with the permission of and with the full support of the community. And we know ourselves, from interactions we have had with both DustyTokyo and Dwednesday, that they are people of integrity and valued members of the community, simply doing their job as moderators of the Street Fighter discord, and we hope you can refrain from any further comments regarding their conduct.

We'd like to thank you for listening to our concerns, but would remind you, we are informing you of the issues we feel need addressing, and would like you to do so as soon as possible, these issues will not go away, and you can not, as you may be able to do on twitch, put us in emote only mode.

We look forward to your considered response.

  • The Street Fighter 2 community.
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Hello, I'm one of the mod team involved with the Street Fighter Speedrun discord community and also a leaderboard mod for many other various Street Fighter communities. I would like to appear as a representative of our discord's mod team and express our thoughts and feelings for a moment while I help expand a bit on our structure and purpose within the general street fighter speedrun community itself.

[big]Firstly,[/big] I think it's important to recognise how our mod team is established and why the discord exists; the Street Fighter Speedrun discord is not some random fan-effort, it was formed as a direct extension of the official SRC leaderboards serving as a general hub for all Street Fighter related speedrun games - our mod team is simply the combined moderators of every Street Fighter game listed on SRC with an active community; I myself started out as the admin for SFV together with GingerSocrates as my co-mod before we too were brought into the fold and we still carry out those duties today. SF2 is the only community that is the exception to all this because of Andy's unwillingness to cooperate with our combined local hub.

To quickly clarify when we talk of "The SF Community" we don't just mean Hyper Fighting or SFIITurbo but all the official derivatives of the game and their officially associated SRC pages - that being the following...

Street Fighter (1986) Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams Street Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Street Fighter III: New Generation Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Ultra Street Fighter IV Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Hyper Street Fighter II

Additionally, of the above list only those below are currently unassociated with our discord in an official capacity which is only the case because of Andy's unwillingness to cooperate with the wider SF community as a whole.

Street Fighter II - The World Warrior Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers Super Street Fighter II Turbo

[big]Secondly,[/big] There have been many times in the past where people have made the extra effort to go outside our established collective hub and attempt to raise concerns with Andy in the forums but would be met with a response that either doesn't actually address the concerns with an appropriate solution or would not be addressed at all (these were often the time where Andy would mention he didn't get the notification) whatever the actual reasons behind this isn't important and I'm not trying to judge Andy on what's happened but it's undeniable at this point that the community does not currently feel like their concerns are properly listened to when they approach Andy with a problem.

When someone has a problem they come to our discord because they know they're not going to be ignored like they would be on the forums and we have a rich track record of being able to solve many issues in the past because of our strong collective of mods from different street fighter related backgrounds with whom we can share and discuss problems within the community for example there may be similar situations with different SF games for a certain problem where they have expertise on the issue that another community does not such as how the SFIII community was able to uncover that the Anniversary Collection is infact not Arcade Perfect and so because of that a solution has been devised to accommodate this finding from game to game based on a case-by-case basis depending on platform performance and if they too turn out to also not be Arcade Perfect - an example that was pointed out here in the SSFIITurbo SRC forums over 3 months ago and has been subsequently ignored ever since - another example of the community feeling like they're not being heard when they bring up concerns with you.

[big]Thirdly,[/big] I'd like to touch on your unwillingness to use Discord.

Our discord has existed for many years now already; it exists because of the many active SF communities that we represent it was agreed that to use the forums as the sole form of communication is folly when the game you're moderating has a billion different iterations - having a central hub like ours is what helps give your community form and help people have a central platform to share their voice.

To further help illustrate the point I would like to present an exert of a conversation that happened on the discord when our members were asking about why Andy isn't collaborating with the rest of us to help you understand the broader perspective of the current status quo. Statement is as follows:

My guess is it's the same kind of thing with how some people feel uncomfortable using social media; the big difference here is that the community he's supposed to be moderating for uses Discord as it's primary communication tool - it's not just stubbornness on our part either because this is something that's intrinsically linked to many, many other SRC communities to the point where it's seen as the norm these days; this is exactly the reason why SRC themselves support a Discord link in the sidebar.

Heck, even both the OoT and SM64 community where I originally started out both see the SRC forums as a joke in comparison because for really big communities it's imperative to have a single local hub to discuss issues pertaining to all derivatives of that game at the same time otherwise it becomes very chaotic when trying to solve issues that come up and this is what we're currently seeing with the community concerns in regards to the SF2 leaderboards.

I understand Andy probably feels like he's doing the right thing by taking a stance on his unwillingness to utilise it, but he's failing to acknowledge the overall state of the community by doing so.

[big]Finally,[/big] I hope you can understand with all I've said so far that the community concerns are not about you specifically but about the overall status quo of the SF2 leaderboards and the state of it's moderation and as such should not be treated as a personal attack but rather an opportunity for collabration to fix the many issues yet waiting to be resolved.

I'd like to say this clearly so it can't be misunderstood; if you yourself refuse to use Discord then we believe there should be a single representative of our mod team that is able to mediate for you as an additional SRC leaderboard mod in your stead in order to answer the concerns we are receiving about the leaderboard. It would be against the SRC guidelines to simply dismiss the concerns of the overall SF community because you yourself are not in know and are unwilling to learn and it is our hope that some measure of collabration can come to pass.

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If anyone has any more to share, please feel free to post it here. The more input we have to work with, the better.


Hey again Andy, Now that I've been able to share the collective mod thoughts of the SF Speedrun discord I'd like to take a little bit of time as myself to elaborate on some of the specific problems existing with the leaderboard and some potential solutions I've come up with based on our feedback from the community that was expressed to us and talked through our community discord.

[big]First and most prominently,[/big] I believe an overhaul of the layout and structure of categories and it's rules are in order. There's currently no sense of uniformity across all five of the SF2 derivatives that you mod for; please refer to the below example taken from the current leaderboard layout

[big]Regarding character-specific times[/big] Because we have an overwhelming majority of people wishing for a reform of the main boards for the sake of clarity I believe the best way to go about this is to consolidate all character times into a single Arcade category with a sub-tab difficulty toggle. To compliment this, individual character IL's can be made to show the IL tally – this format refocuses and encourages community competition for everyone without singling any party out or creating extra confusion.

In short, people should be able to speedrun the way they wish to within reason and as long as there is a community desire for it, which beings me to my next point...

[big]Regarding the Extra Speed category[/big] It's because of this reason above that I don't believe including this category itself is a bad idea and infact, to my knowledge based on the feedback we've received in the discord there isn't anyone seeking it's removal – rather it's the implementation that's done very poorly. We believe a good template to work from as an example is how the “Maximum Alpha” misc category was implemented on the SF Alpha 2 leaderboard – as a misc category tab that's tied to game difficulty; we went through many different iterations and subsequent community feedback before we all agreed on this format which is why it was so jarring for many of us to simply see you add it without even so much as an announcement post to accompany it.

Should a mediator between our discord and yourself become appropriate to fill the void of the information and discussions you're lacking the ability to see first hand with the rest of the Street Fighter community, we are happy to assist with the actual facilitation of such changes – it is after all a big task to undergo an overall of all five of the boards in question that you mod for but by my estimate based on previous leaderboard overhauls I've done myself all the SF2 boards combined should be able to fully completed easily within a week at most.

[big]To summarise...[/big] Here's a quick rundown of all I've discussed within this post as well as a quick mention of some things that may not already be as obvious as I think them to be for clarity's sake with regard to all five of the associated leaderboards that I mentioned in my previous post in this thread; SFII – The World Warrior, SFII' – Champion Edition, SFII' T: Hyper Fighting, SSFII - The New Challengers and SSF II Turbo.

• A visual overhaul for all five leaderboards in order to promote healthy competition and clarify existing uncertainties within their official rules

• A standardised category split for specific platforms across all five leaderboards in order to acknowledge and accommodate the arcade imperfections of certain emulators and ports to once again allow an even playing field across all platforms.

• Consolidation of all categories into one single Arcade tab with alternate difficulty sub-tabs for Hardest difficulty and Extra Speed that is all organised by platform first and foremost (The ordering process for categories and their sub-tabs would look like this:

Arcade / Anniversary Collection / SNES / Genesis ARC Default / ARC Hardest / Extra Speed (Misc)

• Following main leaderboard consolidation, character-specific records should be represented under the IL section of the leaderboard which is a very easy way to show and promote individual character times without the clutter (only mainline rules, not the alternates like Extra Speed)

• A mod from the SF Speedrun Discord can be arranged as an mediator and co-mod of the leaderboards to help assist you with the actual heavy lifting process of overhauling all associated leaderboards in addition to solving the communication problems that have plagued the SF2 community and preventing anything becoming lost in communication in the future since you do not use Discord yourself to communicate with the SF Speedrun community.

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Let's go ahead and tackle what looks like your biggest issue first, which is the proposed separation between the Arcade versions and the 30th Anniversary versions. It had been my understanding that while there are some speed differences, they weren't significant enough to justify an entire category split. If you can demonstrate via any information you have that the speed differences are indeed enough to warrant such a split, I will create a new and separate "30th Anniversary Collection" category to accommodate it.


I actually brought this proof to you 8 months ago via DM already and it's still there in our old messages. Additionally, as I have already stated in my previous post there was a thread made about this issue in the SSFII Turbo forums by a concerned member where I replied by reiterating the proof of concern - that was a little over 3 months ago and the information presented on this occasion was also ignored. Here's the thread link and associated video for you once again for reference.

I'm not sure what your reasoning is for not considering it worth a response but the reason it's being brought up is because it's already been significant for a long time already and it's the reason every other active Street Fighter Speedrun community has already made leaderboard changes to accommodate this finding (other communities did their own independent tests and have their own videos to accommodate it ofc, they didn't just use SF2 data to apply an umbrella decision, they investigated however in this case that initial work has already been done, it simply needs to be acknowledged and applied. It would be interesting to see truly how deep this can go if specifics of the split were to be tweaked but it's already undeniably an issue when compared in direct completion with Arcade that the 30thAC without restraints has an unfair advantage)

There are many people who would like to do runs but don't feel like there is a level playing field to compete with because 30thAC currently has this unfair advantage compared to both real hardware and arcade perfect emulators such as WolfMAME - it's because of this context that everyone was finding it so jarring to see you verify your own runs as you yourself were primarily a 30thAC player and so it gives an impression of inauthenticity when you were doing so after being informed of this proof of concern. This is the heart of the concerns about verification accuracy that @DWednesday was talking about in this thread's initial creation post.


One thing I forgot to mention that may be helpful in solving this issue; it does appear that the comparison video I mentioned by @Fromo was comparing with PS4 with a JP CPS2 Arcade Board originally for the purpose of diagnosing the competitive tournament scene with the at-the-time newly forming online scene that the 30thAC would bring at the time.

Most importantly as I understood it before - and I believe this is where alot of the confusion is coming from - it was my original understanding that because of the difference of established default speed norms in pro tournament play that there was an precieved speed shift in how either the US or JP ROMS handled the game speed itself - It's possible that the one region of the original hardware CPS2 Arcade Board itself is actually than other when in direct comparison with eachother respective amount of default turbo speed - which can be seen through it's established tournament standard speed, 3 for JP and 2 for US - but I recently found out thanks to @Rakurai-UK that infact this established difference may simply be due to how convoluted the situation is - here is the summary he proposed to us when it come up in conversation on the discord last night while we were seeking further clarification to bring to you.

[big]30thAC SF II Turbo Short Summary,[/big] Non-international version = no japanese roms International version (sold in Japan) = both international/japanese roms Super Turbo US version = broken AI difficulty, turbo setting 0-3 Super Turbo JP version = fixed AI difficulty, turbo setting 1-4

I'm also unaware of how much of this affects Hyper Fighting or the other iterations so as I'm sure you can imagine there's alot of info to go through but suffice to say there's alot up the air here - the main reason being because the only thing the rules mention is it's adherence to "default" which is not super well defined with everything in flux as it seems to be between different versions of the game. I've been informed that a US Turbo Speed of 0 is equivilient to JP Turbo Speed of 1 - these are the kind of things that need clarification in the rules so more people arn't confused when they simply see a verified video at a greater than "natural" to what they're used to seeing turbo value and see it's been approved.

As for the 30thAC itself, should more testing be done in the future we will need someone with either real Arcade Hardware or a Mister FPGA in order to cross reference turbo speed values across different iterations of the game like Fromo did - but for our specific purpose instead to find what we need. and frankly I think until that additional testing can come to pass we won't be able to put this to bed with 100% clarity so in light of that it does seem right to me to separate them for the time being until it can be proved to be accurate with all these concerns floating around.

I noticed 30thAC isn't listed in Shoryuken's wiki at all but I hope this link too helps identify version differences to accommodate any changes that may need to be made. If anyone is else able to help fact check while linking their sources to help us expedite the concerns I'm all ears but I'm sure it's pretty easy to see by now that this particular issue is much more loaded than the other leaderboard issues that I've brought up.

[big]Quick TL;DR now since I seem to have rambled a bit[/big]

• Super Turbo US version should have it's proper default speed requirement of 2 clarified in the rules • Super Turbo JP version should have a proper default speed requirement of 3 clarified in the rules • Anything past this belongs in Extra Speed-type category, prefrably in the way I have described in previous posts • This is because US 0 = JP 1 and US 3 = JP 4 They are the same thing just renamed and restructed

What this means for Hyper Fighting I'm not sure, it is likely to be the same but that would need to be confirmed.

• Until decisions on a definitive category split of 30thAC can be made I believe the best course of action is to do so as a temporary measure until it can be proven not to have any edge over the official hardware standard

Edited for clarical corrections.

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For the sake of simplicity, I will create the additional category, but I don't think it will be realistic to account for literally every potential variable you've listed here. We can of course address those details later as we receive more information.

Oregon, USA

As requested, brand new "30th Anniversary" categories added for World Warrior and Champions Edition. Stay tuned for more.

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Progress update: "30th Anniversary" categories successfully added to both Hyper Fighting and New Challengers. Super Turbo will take more time because that page needs a complete overhaul in order to accommodate the new categories, so just be patient. It's on the way.

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It should go without saying too that any previously existing 30thAC runs across all five SF2 boards should be moved to their respective new category. Considering the universal category split, it also seems prudent to add in XBox One, PS4, Switch and PC as a selectable Platform instead of listing those runs as Arcade; there's no reason not to and it helps solidify further clarification for everyone.

As far as the layout goes, I've already given my thoughts in previous posts. There does however seem to also be some inconsistencies with the leaderboard submission form on some board iterations that has been unaddressed for some time as well as some brand new concerns for Hyper Fighting about the use of specific emulators; it's pretty in depth so I'll elaborate on it another day - perhaps in it's own thread - once I've managed to gather all the necessary information and create a video comparison to demonstrate my findings using an appropriate testing methodology. Please look forward to it.

Have you given any extra thought to bringing in one of our mods to help with the heavy lifting process of reorganising and rearranging the layout and runs for the various SF2 boards? Everyone is very eager to see the completion of all the clerical changes that need to be made and I wouldn't mind giving you more pause to properly consider the decision of various rule change proposals that will likely be heading your way in the near future before a decision is reached on them as they are likely to be lengthy discussions before a ruling can be made. I myself have experience overhauling other SF boards in the past so I'm keen to help if that's an agreeable solution.

I understand that you've recently added Slowpoke because you said that you trusted him and I think just that reason would make sense if this was simply in regards to a verifier position but he hasn't been an active SF runner for the past four years, has never had SRC mod experience as far as I can tell and is also not in the official SF Speedrun Discord either so I don't see how that solves the issue of the information and collaborative gap that still exists between you and the community - that last point especially, definitely still needs to be solved if the community is to flourish further in the future.

Because of the above reasons, I'm not quite sure I understand your vetting process in regard to a mod position which is essentially intended as a community representative, could you elaborate on this for us? I'd also like to add that I apologise if any of these questions are giving off the impression of some kind of takeover as that is not the intention; I have a duty as a community representative for other SF games to make sure that our community here has their concerns addressed and feel like they're being heard and it's really difficult to word polarising discussions like this without coming across in that way - in the end we are all simply just concerned community members looking for appropriate representation for SF2, myself included.

Looking forward to further collaboration

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I can easily add extra platforms. That is no problem.

None of your mods will ever be admitted to these boards, so stop asking.

Additionally, if you all could conduct yourselves in a less "aggressively pedantic" manner, that would probably facilitate things a lot more smoothly. Thank you.

I have listened to all of your feedback and will do my best make necessary changes according to what I think is most reasonable. Please be patient.

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If you have examples of anything specifically I have brought up that you feel is "aggressively pedantic" then please, you are more than welcome to share your opinion on it and elaborate why. I would prefer that we were on the same page - not that you misunderstood why these concerns are being brought to you.

In the meantime if you are truly interested in facilitating a smooth resolution to our concerns I would like to note that it would be best done with us officially collaborating together to handle the matter as a team, not for our concerns to be simply dismissed by you without you so much as explaining your reasons for doing so. This isn't a matter of having patience or not, you simply have yet to make a statement on our full list of concerns and we have a right to point that out.

It's with this in mind that I'd like to express that I'm sorry to hear you feel that way but I'm afraid to say you still haven’t actually answered my questions and both I and the rest of the community would like to understand why you seem to be avoiding to do so. I am still waiting for your explanation of your mod selection vetting process for the reasons I've stated in my earlier post and considering your previous tone just now I am also additionally curious why you seem so determined to act against our mod team in particular when it's just a simple offer of assistance. You can't just ignore your own community and act like they're out to get you when they bring you their concerns; that's the whole point of this thread after all - despite these circumstances we have all come to you with optimism in the forefront of our minds and everyone has been making an effort to be agreeable so I would appreciate it if you dropped the accusatory edge to your remarks that was in your previous reply.

It's my belief that Slowpoke doesn't represent the community as far as moderating standards are concerned for the reasons I've previously explained and so because of that it's my duty to ask for clarification of how you're going to alternately remedy this matter otherwise you're still in breach of the SRC community guidelines that were elaborated on previously in this thread.

I'm not asking out of impatience and it is odd to me after everything I've said that you would assume so. If the concerns raised by the community are to be solved and managed agreeably then they have to be discussed, not shot down. I don't think any further emphasization of the points I've brought up will be constructive from here on, so I'll leave the ball in your court for awhile with the hope that you will choose to work with the community rather than against them. I look forward to hearing a response from you about all the points you have yet to make a statement about.

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I'm going to level with you. I am thoughtfully considering all of the points raised here insofar as they are based on true information and are directed towards improving and maintaining a clean board. That is the duty with which I was entrusted, and I intend on honoring that commitment. I will always be receptive to your input.

However, I think the manner in which you all have chosen to bring up your concerns is way out of line. Barging in all at once like you own the place, making demands, and threatening to take site admin action if I don't comply is absolutely unacceptable conduct. You are not my boss. You do not own me. I am not your slave to do your bidding. You will not institute "mob rule." I will listen to your concerns with an open mind and consider various points of view for the good of the board, but you will ultimately respect all my decisions as final.

Moreover, I did some research on your "discord" group and have been informed it only has a few members, encourages toxic behavior sometimes, and in no way represents the entirety of "The Street Fighter Community" at large. The vast majority of your members have never even submitted a speedrun to the SF2 leader boards at all. In fact, most of you in this thread have never submitted a run to these boards either, which means you are not a member of THIS community: The Street Fighter II Speedrun Community. Ergo, you have no claim to any authority here as most of you don't even run the games.

Allow me to make that last point crystal clear: You are not a member of this community if you don't even run the games.

To answer your questions though, I am currently seeking an additional mod. I already have some folks in mind. They need to actively run the games and be of trustworthy character. I will let you know when I've made my selection. I recently added Slowpoke316 as mod because he has been an active mod of World Warrior even longer than myself, and we have enjoyed a good working relationship for a long time. I fully intend on revamping the boards so they look nice with updated rules, but that is a big project and will take time to ensure it is completed correctly with no errors.

In the meantime, please desist with baseless accusations as I have done nothing wrong. I am not "in breach" of anything. I never dismissed or shot down any concerns. I am actively working to implement most of the changes for which you have asked. Please stop nagging me. Again, I simply ask for your patience while I take care of everything.

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Good luck, I hope this board and other boards are in a great state in the future.

There are almost 100 members that run the gamut of sf games in our discord by the way. Just wanted to clarify.

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Okay, I'm happy to report I just spent the evening giving the Super Turbo board a basic makeover, and it looks MUCH better now.

There is still a question that remains regarding exactly how many category tabs we want to include. If you want to include both INT and JPN versions of Arcade and 30th Anniversary, that will double the categories. If you want to include both Normal and Hardest difficulties, that will double those categories. If you want to add 3D0, Saturn, and Dreamcast, the categories start growing exponentially. Lucky for us, no one has made a submission for most of these, but you can see the potential issue that could arise if we let categories get out of control.

I really tend to lobby for fewer categories over more categories for the sake of simplicity and keeping the board looking clean. Let me know what you think, and we can find a solution.

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