Shortcut feature for Saturn and may apply to PS1(not sure yet)
3 years ago
Arizona, USA

I was checking out Capcom Generations 5 (SF Collection 2 for US PS1) which I have for the Saturn and is Japanese exclusive for that system. It contains SF2 WW, CE, and Turbo. In the options screen there is a shortcut option that shows a menu of characters in Character Select, skips the profile pictures in VS screen and when you win or lose there is no winquote or travel to next stage. You either: Go to aforementioned watered down vs screen to next opponent if you win or straight to continue screen if you lose.

is this feature allowed for speedrunning? Either way, free world records for the taking for me. I also gotta find my copy of SF Collection 1 which had the other 2 SF games (Super and Super Turbo + Alpha 2 Gold) because I can't recall if they had that feature too.

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Tokyo, Japan

In my opinion.

Capcom Generations 5 is not an emulation of the PCB. It is a port that is optimized for the Saturn and PS.

Even with the QUICK selection feature, it is not as fast as the PCB version.

Strictly speaking, it works differently and should be in a different category.