SRC CoD Zombies Staff Rules/Information/Notes *Read*
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[section=Joining the SRC CoD Zombies Staff] [center][small]Please follow all SRC Rules as these are only outlining our specific SRC CoD Zombies Rules[/small][/center]

Becoming a moderator/verifier is completely up to the current moderators discretion, and even if you meet all these requirements you are not guaranteed a spot on the SRC CoD Zombies Staff

• Mature and good spirited • Well respected • Speaks English • Current member of the SRC Zombies Discord • Knows SRC and SRC Zombies Rules • Knows how to verify runs correctly • Knowledge of all CoD Zombie games

[section=SRC CoD Zombies Staff Rules] If a Moderator/Verifier is reported for the following it may result in removal of rank or a ban and may be taken to the SRC Full-Mods for further action

• Verify runs correctly • Don't reject runs without clearly stating why • Don't insult anyone or SRC as a whole non-jokingly • Don't add/edit CoD SRC Zombies games without consulting other mods • Don't deal with player disputes solely, consult other mods


  • Moderators change games/rules based on polls voted on by speedrunners in the SRC CoD Zombies Discord

  • When writing anything use code to have a clean and well written description, note, rules, forum post etc. for headings, bullet points, bold/italic words etc. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the still functioning codes

  • Leave descriptive notes on player runs with your name at the end if needed Eg. [small](Rules were changed about the in game timer a few days after bo4 was released. Also next time you can just click 'Select Class' that's on your character model that shows everything you're using on your current class. You don't have to show anything in create a class. Also custom mutations are banned, but I'll let it slide since you probably didn't see the rule change a while back. As you can see the timer in game is super broken so we stopped using that. Please go into the rules panel of each run to see the current rules. Also I changed your time from 9:40 to 9:46. Timer starts when you're able to move after fade in and ends when you pick up the pack a punched weapon. Thanks. -Weekenders)[/small]

[section=Questions and Inquiries] Leave all questions and inquiries in the reply section or the SRC CoD Zombies Discord

SRC CoD Zombies Staff deals with all disputes [small]If a runner doesn't find the SRC CoD Zombies Staff resolutions satisfactory they may take their dispute to the SRC Full-Mods[/small]

SRC CoD Zombies Rules/Information/Suggestions

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