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SRC CoD Zombies General Rules

Please follow all SRC Rules as these are only outlining our specific SRC CoD Zombies Rules

The following applies to SRC CoD Zombies forums, Discord, and all outside communications
If a player is reported for the following it may result in a ban or may be taken to the SRC Full-Mods for further action

• No crude/explicit content
• No insulting/rudeness/fighting
• No spamming


SRC CoD Zombies Speedruns Rules

Your runs can be denied/withheld due to the following:

1. Rule Guidelines
• Not following the rules stated in the 'rules' panel of each game/category/map

2. Cheated or Suspicious Run
• Banned Console Commands
• Banned exploits
• Purposely miss-timed
• Splicing
• Mods/Hacks

3. Video Quality
• Full video of run isn't shown
• Video is deleted
• Quality or bit-rate is too low
• Video skips, lags, sped up, slowed down, and/or is altered
• Too much of your screen is covered
(see minimum requirements below)

4. Joke Runs (This rule was changed 11/4/18 to be more open to all players)
• Unnecessarily long runs
• Playthroughs

5. Crude Commentary
• Insulting anyone or SRC as a whole non-jokingly
• Inciting drama/fighting

6. Banned Player(s)
• Banned SRC player(s)
• Banned ZWR player(s)
• Cheaters/Hackers


Minimum Video Quality Requirements

Youtube, Twitch, dlive - Phone/Portable Camera - 360p - 30 FPS - Lighting/Contrast must be acceptable - Bit-rate must be acceptable, no constant/excess pixelation - Blur/Covered screen must be kept to a minimum, must not cover the round counter


Suggestions for Runners

Recording Devices/Software
OBS Recording/Streaming Software
Elgato Recording/Streaming Capture Card

Upload/Streaming Platforms
Youtube, Twitch, dlive
(save your VoD so that the video won't be automatically deleted in the future)

Recording/Streaming Settings
Each user will have a different setup and you must plan accordingly by having the correct settings
If you have a lower end PC use a lower resolution, bit-rate, and FPS (in-game if possible and in the recording/streaming software) to circumvent laggy or poor quality video

Adobe Premiere Pro with the correct export settings

LiveSplit or XNoteStopWatch for a rough estimate or timer overlay
For an accurate timer use a Time-code script in Premiere Pro for a clean and customizable timer
(tutorial coming soon)


Questions and Inquiries

Leave all questions and inquiries in the reply section or the SRC CoD Zombies Discord

SRC CoD Zombies Staff deals with all disputes
If a runner doesn't find the SRC CoD Zombies Staff resolutions satisfactory they may take their dispute to the SRC Full-Mods

Full-Mod regarding Joke runs:

SRC CoD Zombies Staff Rules/Information/Notes


Hi. Just wanted to ask which Gobblegums are not allowed for runs. I've submitted a few runs but got denied (But also verified?) due to using Power Vacuum. Just want to know so i don't fug up 😛 Thank you.

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Go by each games/categories rules. Power Vacuum was recently banned.

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Since my post was cited here. My position was primarily addressing "joke runs", and possibly "afk player(s)" The rest of the items mentioned here are the moderators' current discretion, which I don't necessarily totally agree or disagree with.

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What if a run is the highest quality you can make it, but isn't up to the standards. Will it still be accepted?

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@PixelsPixels We generally accept any runs that are in the range of decent to great quality. If the video is skipping/cuts etc. we will not verify it. Specifically though we'd have to see the run in question and go from there.