SRC CoD Zombies Speedruns Rules/Information/Suggestions *Read*
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Texas, USA

[section=SRC CoD Zombies General Rules] [center][small]Please follow all SRC Rules as these are only outlining our specific SRC CoD Zombies Rules[/small][/center]

The following applies to SRC CoD Zombies forums, Discord, and all outside communications If a player is reported for the following it may result in a ban or may be taken to the SRC Full-Mods for further action

• No crude/explicit content • No insulting/rudeness/fighting • No spamming

[section=SRC CoD Zombies Speedruns Rules] Your runs can be denied/withheld due to the following:

1. Rule Guidelines • Not following the rules stated in the 'rules' panel of each game/category/map

2. Cheated or Suspicious Run • Banned Console Commands • Banned exploits • Purposely miss-timed • Splicing • Mods/Hacks • Unofficial CoD launchers

3. Video Quality • Full video of run isn't shown • Video is deleted • Poor video quality • Video skips, lags, sped up, slowed down, and/or is altered • Too much of your screen is covered [small](see minimum requirements below)[/small]

4. Joke Runs [small](This rule was changed 11/4/18 to be more open to all players)[/small] • Unnecessarily long runs • Playthroughs

5. Crude Commentary • Insulting anyone or SRC as a whole non-jokingly • Inciting drama/fighting

6. Banned Player(s) • Banned SRC player(s) • Banned ZWR player(s) • Cheaters/Hackers

[section=Minimum Video Quality Requirements] Youtube, Twitch, dlive [small]No we do not accept runs on your personal websites or any other website than the ones stated above![/small] 360p - 30 FPS [small]ANY type of recording is allowed including handheld cameras[/small] The following is taken into consideration: Lighting, Contrast, Bit-Rate, Angle, Aspect Ratio, Elements on Screen No excess pixelation, blur, shakiness, or covering of gameplay Round Counter must never be covered

[section=Suggestions for Runners] Recording Devices/Software OBS Recording/Streaming Software Elgato Recording/Streaming Capture Card

Upload/Streaming Platforms Youtube, Twitch, dlive [small] (save your VoD so that the video won't be automatically deleted in the future)[/small]

Recording/Streaming Settings Each user will have a different setup and you must plan accordingly by having the correct settings If you have a lower end PC use a lower resolution, bit-rate, and FPS (in-game if possible and in the recording/streaming software) to circumvent laggy or poor quality video

Editing Adobe Premiere Pro with the correct export settings

Timing LiveSplit or XNoteStopWatch for a rough estimate or timer overlay For an accurate timer use a Time-code script in Premiere Pro for a clean and customizable timer [small] (tutorial coming soon)[/small]

[section=Questions and Inquiries] Leave all questions and inquiries in the reply section or the SRC CoD Zombies Discord

SRC CoD Zombies Staff deals with all disputes [small]If a runner doesn't find the SRC CoD Zombies Staff resolutions satisfactory they may take their dispute to the SRC Full-Mods[/small]

Full-Mod regarding Joke runs:

SRC CoD Zombies Staff Rules/Information/Notes

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United States

Hi. Just wanted to ask which Gobblegums are not allowed for runs. I've submitted a few runs but got denied (But also verified?) due to using Power Vacuum. Just want to know so i don't fug up :P Thank you.

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Texas, USA

Go by each games/categories rules. Power Vacuum was recently banned.

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United States

Since my post was cited here. My position was primarily addressing "joke runs", and possibly "afk player(s)" The rest of the items mentioned here are the moderators' current discretion, which I don't necessarily totally agree or disagree with.

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Massachusetts, USA

What if a run is the highest quality you can make it, but isn't up to the standards. Will it still be accepted?

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Texas, USA

@Pixels We generally accept any runs that are in the range of decent to great quality. If the video is skipping/cuts etc. we will not verify it. Specifically though we'd have to see the run in question and go from there.

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California, USA

Not a mod, but usually I would stream it and save the stream on a computer in which you can overlay a timer and send it off to youtube, or if you're lazy like me then I would use a real life timer in which you time yourself, making sure that you're time is right based by looking back at yourself on the stream, adjust the time if it seems off.

I understand this isn't my job as I'm not a mod but just wanted to help :]

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Chicago, IL, USA

I have a question, what if you put All Gobblegums on your speedrun but never actually use any gobblegums? Would it get rejected if you put it in there?

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Arizona, USA

You must use gums in an all gum run otherwise, its a no gum run

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Northamptonshire, England

I have no idea how to use an overlay on a computer or anything like that so my question is, would I be able to do a run and then run it back in theatre mode? Since it has a time.

Corpus Christi, TX, USA

I was wondering the same thing as this guy, I am streaming it live but I am streaming it through the xbox app. I could just time it through theatre or manually time it on stream if that is alright

Barcelona, Catalonia

Is possible do a run but not showing de counter?

Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Hello, how about add A " Get 10k points" (10k points ingame not Endgame Screen) Category for every Cod Zombie? i think would be a nice thing there and would be fun cause you need to think for every map a new way if i should buy a door or anything or not.

And would be easy to add to Every Map :)

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What if you're doing a multiplayer speedrun but it's split-screen, is that allowed to be done or does it have to be online multiplayer only?

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Idaho, USA

You can do multiplayer runs on split-screen

I Have a Question about Shangri-la, because there is a mod of Shangri-la that allows you to do the EE Solo, duo or trio, is it allowed to be submitted as a run under the 1 players category? or it does not count since it is considered a Modded Map? (Not sure if this should be posted here, but seeing that this is the rules of submitting a run I thought it was the right area, incase it is not my Apologies in advance)