PC Cheat Code List

By DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu. Last updated

USEDAFORCE - Unlocks all ships for every level
WOOKIEPELT - Unlocks the Millennium Falcon
GOODGUYTIE - Unlocks the TIE Interceptor
CHICKEN - Unlocks the AT-ST (Not available on Battle of Taloraan)

ACE - Unlocks hard mode
LEIAWRKOUT - Enables force feedback for joysticks
GUNDARK - Modifies force feedback for joysticks
BERGLOWE - Modifies Luke's face

TOUGHGUY - Unlocks all upgrades
HIKEN - Grants bonus secondary weapons
NUMBERTWO - Grants infinite secondary weapons
IAMDOLLY - Grants infinite lives
LOKJOT - Repairs damage
NEUC - Destroys all enemy units visible on radar
WIMPAMI - Unlocks all bonus levels

CNDDOBY - Views image of the producers
DIRECTOR - Unlocks "At the movies" option
MAESTRO - Unlcocks "Concert hall" option
CREDITS - Views the credits