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Tricks / Glitches / Technical:

Auto-scroller - A level that—under conventional gameplay—advances at a set pace, regardless of the player's actions. Rendezvous on Barkhesh and Escape from Fest are both examples of auto-scrollers.
Bonk - Destroying an enemy ship by means of crashing into them, with the intention of not also dying.
Canyon-hopping - Clipping through canyon walls; commonly used in Imperial Construction Yards and Assault on Kile II.
Crosshair Glitch - Crosshairs fail to render with vehicles that cannot swap between green and yellow crosshairs. More information can be found here.
Cutscene skip - Deliberately performing actions that cause a cutscene to either fail to play entirely or end prematurely.
Death manipulation - [See respawn manipulation.]
Dialogue skip - Deliberately performing actions that cause dialogue to either fail to play entirely or end prematurely.
Kamikaze - Deliberately destroying an enemy unit by means of crashing into them, knowing that the impact will destroy the player's ship.
Lumie - a PC-exclusive speedrunning trick named after Rogue Squadron speedrunner Lumie, who first documented it. The trick involves dying in such a way that the ship enters a 'falling' animation and—due to artifacts of PC gameplay—gains increasing speed as it flies through the air and across the level. The player respawns where the ship ends the animation, resulting in a respawn manipulation.
Reloading - Deliberately dying so as to refill one's supply of secondary weapons.
Respawn manipulation - Advantageously positioning one's ship such that it respawns, either after a death or a cutscene, in a desirable location. [See also Lumie.]
Sequence break - Performing events in an order other than which was designed by the game developers—usually used to describe destroying enemies before or during a cutscene in which they are shown.



AaME - Level 1: Ambush at Mos Eisley.
AoKII - Level 8: Assault on Kile II.
BAT - Level 11: Battle Above Taloraan.
BC - Bonus Level 1: Beggar's Canyon.
BoCh - Level 13: Blockade on Chandrilla.
BoC - Level 16: Battle of Calamari.
BoH - Bonus Level 3: The Battle of Hoth.
DaC - Level 4: Defection at Corellia.
DSTR - Bonus Level 2: The Death Star Trench Run.
EFF - Level 12: Escape from Fest.
ICY - Level 7: Imperial Construction Yards.
LoGV - Level 5: Liberation of Gerrard V.
MSR - Level 15: Moff Seerdon's Revenge.
PoK - Level 10: Prisons of Kessel.
RoB - Level 2: Rendezvous on Barkhesh.
RoK - Level 9: Rescue on Kessel.
RoS - Level 14: Raid on Sullust.
SftN - Level 3: The Search for the Nonnah.
TJM - Level 6: The Jade Moon.


Playable vehicles:

A-Wing - RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, the primary vehicle for Searth for the Nonnah and Battle Above Taloraan.
Buick - 1969 Buick Electra, a reskin for the V-Wing available only using cheat codes. (Banned in speedruns).
Falcon - Millennium Falcon, a bonus vehicle unlocked upon 100% completion of the game.
N-1 - [See Naboo Starfighter.]
Naboo Starfighter - Royal N-1 starfighter, a bonus vehicle unlocked either by either using cheat codes or by playing PC version 1.2 or higher, or N64 Revision A.
Skyhopper - T-16 skyhopper, the primary vehicle for Beggar's Canyon.
Snowspeeder - [See Speeder.]
Speeder - T-47 airspeeder, the primary vehicle for Defection at Corellia, Escape from Fest, and Battle of Hoth.
TIE interceptor - TIE/IN starfighter, a bonus vehicle unlocked upon 100% completion of the game.
V-Wing - V-wing airspeeder, the primary vehicle for Battle of Calamari.
X-Wing - T-65B X-wing starfighter, the primary vehicle for Ambush at Mos Eisley, Rendezvous on Barkhesh, Liberation of Gerrard V, The Jade Moon, Rescue on Kessel, Prisons of Kessel, Blockade on Chandrila, Moff Seerdon's Revenge, and The Death Star Trench Run.
Y-Wing - BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter, the primary vehicle for Assault on Kile II and Raid on Sullust.


Enemy units:

AT-AT - All Terrain Armored Transport.
AT-PT - All Terrain Personal Transport.
AT-ST - All Terrain Scout Transport.
Devastator - World Devastator (Seen only in Battle of Calamari).
Dewback - Reptiles used as mounts by Stormtroopers on Tatooine (Seen only in Ambush at Mos Eisley).
Probe Droid - Viper Probe Droid.
Tank - XR-85 tank droid.
Tank droid - [See tank.]
TIE bomber - TIE/SA bomber.
TIE droid - TIE/D automated fighter (Seen only in Battle of Calamari).
TIE fighter - TIE/LN starfighter.
TIE interceptor - TIE/IN starfighter.
Waveskimmer - A-Q5 Waveskimmer (Seen only in Battle of Calamari).
Yacht - Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 (Seen only in Liberation of Gerrard V).


Planets and Moons:

Balmorra - The location of Imperial Construction Yards.
Barkhesh - The location of Rendezvous on Barkhesh.
Calamari - [See Mon Calamari.]
Chandrila - The location of Blockade on Chandrila.
Chorax - The location of The Search for the Nonnah.
Corellia - The location of Defection at Corellia.
Death Star, the - The location of The Death Star Trench Run.
Fest - The location of Escape from Fest.
Gerrard V - The location of Liberation of Gerrard V.
Hoth - The location of The Battle of Hoth.
Kessel - The location of Rescue on Kessel and Prisons of Kessel.
Kile II - The location of Kile II.
Loronar - The location of The Jade Moon.
Mon Calamari - The location of The Battle of Calamari.
Sullust - The location of Raid on Sullust.
Taloraan - The location of Battle above Taloraan.
Tatooine - The location of Ambush at Mos Eisley and Beggar's Canyon.
Thyferra - The location of Moff Seerdon's Revenge.



128th - 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron.
Chewy - Chewbacca.
Crix Madine - Imperial General Crix Madine.
Dak - Dak Ralter.
Hobbie - Derek "Hobbie" Klivian.
Kasan Moor - Imperial Lieutenant Kasan Moor.
Luke - Commander Luke Skywalker, the protagonist and playable character during the main storyline and bonus levels.
Moff Seerdon - Grand Moff Kohl Seerdon, the main antagonist of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and the final boss of the main storyline.
Rieekan - General Carlist Rieekan.
Wedge - Wedge Antilles, the playable character during Battle of Calamari.
Wes - Wes Janson.
Zev - Zev Senesca.



Clusters - Cluster missiles/seeker cluster missiles