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Red Ball Deterministic Patch Downloads (IMPORTANT UPDATE)

These are music and no music downloads for the deterministic patch of the game, where the screen-scrolling tweener is bound to 31fps frame timing instead of inconsistent system timing. You can read more about what problems this solves here:

As long as the .swf files are not renamed, they will still work with the autosplitter. If you are using this deterministic patch, please indicate so in the variable inputs of your run submissions.

Normal Deterministic Patch-
No Music Deterministic Patch-

Red Ball Deterministic Patch Vote

Update: Voting has now closed, with a 95-11 vote in favor of allowing a deterministic patch.

We have decided to hold a formal vote for Red Ball 1 speedrunners ONLY. This vote is to determine whether a slight modification to the game's tweener should be allowed in speedruns. The tweener is responsible for scrolling the screen as Red Ball moves around a level. The tweener scrolls more or less depending on how long it takes for the game to render each frame, something that varies significantly and is impossible to control. Scrolling variance causes spike glitch to not be deterministic, meaning that a certain set of inputs will yield different results if tested repeatedly. Lower spec computers have a less stable framerate than higher end machines, making spike glitch consistency worse on slower computers. Additionally, monitor refresh rate has been found to play a role, with people having a distinct advantage if they are able to set their monitor refresh rate to an integer multiple of 31 FPS. Both of these factors have caused a distinct accessibility issue, putting certain runners at distinct advantages over others based on their hardware. By setting the tweener to scroll based off of fixed 31 FPS frame timing, something which requires a one line code addition, spike glitch becomes completely deterministic, eliminating this accessibility gap. This also prevents the screen from jittering constantly, something which is very visible at high speeds. Deterministic spike glitch causes all jumps in spikes to be significantly more consistent, and it will allow players using lower resolution monitors to have a more fair chance to compete with 1080p+ runners.
On the flip side, this is still an unintended game modification, and there are absolutely valid reason to be against this change, which is why we have put it up to a community vote.

Check out this segment of the TAS explained video for more information about the proposed modification, which is already present in the TAS hack of the game:

Voting will end at the end of the day (ET) on November 4th (Thursday)

Red Ball Speedrun Tutorials

These two tutorials are currently the best resources available for learning the game:

Red Ball Beginner Speedrun Tutorial by Maximum -
Red Ball 2x/1x/0x/sub 3 Tutorial by Caramel -

We are hoping to eventually make a new high-level tutorial at some point to cover the many new discoveries that have been made since it was created. We also hope to eventually translate our resources into other languages as well.

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