Input Display for OBS

An input display you can add to an OBS scene. Includes presets for every combination of movement and jump keys, along with esc, r and p (direct download)

By univrsal

Standalone Flash Player

This version of standalone plays exactly like web in level 10 (direct download)

By Adobe

Standalone Flash Player (MAC)

I dont own a mac so I don't actually know if this is the right file (direct download)

By Adobe




Red Ball - 12 Levels Splits

Since there was nothing here, I figured I'd add some splits for beginners. The times are blank and have the actual level names instead of numbers. (direct download)

By BNMC0919BNMC0919


Red Ball - Definitive Edition

Follow the guide - (direct download)

By ItsMaximumItsMaximum

Source Code

(direct download)

By Evgeny Fedoseev