17 Levels Sub 4 possible?
1 month ago

I wonder whether a 17 Levels Sub 4 is possible as I’ve seen a 4:01.xxx achieved already. How about looking more into levels 13 through 17 to find some more strats?

— message from a freshly starting self-declared speedrunner —

Saarland, Germany

sub 4 is very doable, its just hard clutching out good bonus levels after playing an insanely fast 12 levels time, but we have all the strats for it and Maximum is currently attempting to get a sub 4

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Ah, is that so? Well, good luck then! I really want to see this happening!


yeah, it'll be very good

California, USA

Maximum just got 4’00.677, sub 4 is real


I know, I just saw that on YouTube! He’s doing really good progress already (while just casually getting 3rd place in 12 Levels…).

United States

it's real dude


True! That‘s it!!!

United States

not possible unfortunately

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Czech Republic

Yeah unpossible


Never say it's impossible!

Czech Republic

it is real

Czech Republic

so wdym


bro its latterly unpossible

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Czech Republic

Yes. X)

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