how to do level 1 IL
4 months ago
Idaho, USA

it's been 5 hours please help.

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Get better :)

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one must imagine sisyphus as springf

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By jumping .581 seconds into the level with the correct height, you can do a 2-frame left press while falling, then hold Right and Jump!

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what i like to do for level 1 to get 3.64 is jump on the e of "move" on the sign at the start with just clicking it fast rather than holding it AT ALL then dont click anything other than d or right arrow mid air then when on the ground hold it a little more than just give that strat i try for like a little until you get it or watch the wr (;

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I am the 99th person to get it, and I just analysed superior Insane Jetman's 3.065 video, and followed what he did, which is:

  1. Hold right from start,with a first frame acceleration.

  2. Tap jump at the 'e' of 'move' on the screen, so that you end up going through the 'U' of 'Use' on the screen.

  3. Tap left when below the word 'or' on the screen.

  4. Hold jump from before you hit the ground, till you surpass the height of the stone wall.

  5. Keep holding right till you reach the flag.

Good luck, practice a bunch, and the next new person to execute this will become the 100th person to achieve the 3.065

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Yep, do exactly what suvannixb said. I'm the 93rd lvl 1 wr holder and, including unrecorded runs, I am the India NR holder for every single level. I'll attach a photo of my pbs here

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Idaho, USA


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