how to do the sub 20 train
3 months ago
Idaho, USA

I can not the hit it and I want to pls help

New York, USA

I can not the hit it and I want to pls help

United Kingdom
He/Him, They/Them
3 months ago

the way i hit it was to compress (push the carts together) the train at the start (hold right instantly), decompress the first 2 (hold left until just those are decompressed), after you get past the spike ceiling jump onto the first 2 carts' gap, and roll across them near the giant spikes and jump near the middle or right. hold jump to land on the red platform and keep holding hand get 2-3 lucky jumps across it. land on the black platform, jump over the red bar, and reach the solid carts (non-hollow). hold jump over the sawblades, get over the first small ground triangle, and win. an alternative start is to not decompress and use spike glitch to exit early and reach carts 2 and 3, but is usually used for sub 15 and is a bit harder.

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United States

ty MIggie

United States

I can not the hit it and I want to pls help

United States

learn pbird. easiest setup

Idaho, USA

what is a pbird

SpringF It's a variant of Sub 20 Train that involves 2-frame perfects at the start, and a 5-frame window 2-frame left tap later on!

(More Specifically, you need to press right at 6.194, then jump and 6.903. Then, at around 8.5, do the 2-frame left press)

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