when 6/6

is somebody gonna get 6/6 of the recent runs displayed on the rb page or what

São Paulo, Brazil

well someone could just spam ILs or something idk

United States

starline will when she submits IL sweep

ive done it quite a few times in rb4

happens sometimes though quite meaningless

  1. now theres apparently 7 so now stars gonna get 7/7

  2. rubydoctor was gonna get it but mukmuk fricked it up for him


if you are talking about wr runs go to v3, submit a bunch of ils at the same time (they are really easy to get) and boom

Ontario, Canada

this happens on rb4 mobile literally all the time u just need to submit a bunch of ils in a row


guys this thread is about rb1 why are like half the people in here talking about other games

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Ontario, Canada

because its literally the exact same thing you just submit a bunch of runs and youll get it no matter what the game is

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United Kingdom

when red ball mobile

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