I found a video that claims that they have a sub 3 minute run
3 years ago
British Columbia, Canada

I have only watched itsmaximums video on speed running, so I’m essentially a red ball virgin. I was searching up the creator of red balls name, when I I found a channel that had a 2:59 run. I know you need audio for the run to be verified, but can some experienced guy look into this and tell me if its real?

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Ohio, USA
He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

fake, its a troll

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Oregon, USA

-No game audio -Very Laggy and low fps -Obvious splicing, especially in level 3. -Did not hit fast 2, fast 7, cycle skip 8, plungie, the new YOLO balls, or fast 10.

This run is obviously faked and we would not allow it on the boards. No game audio rules it out immediately.

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Illinois, USA
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

this was made for a meme in the discord lol

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