Knife Only rules questions
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

Hey everyone. I just attempted a Knife Only run (Glitchless, Casual, PS4). I finished the run at approximately 3:09:57.

I don't think I'm going to officially submit it because the time isn't particularly impressive, and I was an idiot and cancelled out of the final screen before it could display the official in-game time (the time displayed when I paused the Grown-Up Rose cutscene was 3:09:55).

I did have a couple of questions about this run and the Knife Only rules:

  1. Did I invalidate the run with the pipe bomb at 39:29? Do I have to blow up the wall in a way where the vampire isn't caught in the blast?

  2. Am I allowed to use the handgun to blow up Miranda's energy balls like at 3:11:44 and 3:12:47?

United States
She/Her, They/Them
2 years ago

No the pipe bomb will not damage her since she in unkillable when there is no wind in the area and she is far enough away to where she shouldn't be affected at all by the pipe bomb. From the few rusn I did and many tests on new accounts it will never track unless she is killable

Minnesota, USA

For the second question you are only aloud to shoot during 2 points in the speedrun and that's during the heisenberg tank part, and during the final phase of Miranda when she had you on the ground. Just block whenever she uses the energy balls.

Tulsa, OK, USA

Shooting the energy balls doesn’t invalidate the run.