New banned PC port exploit
2 years ago
Greater Manchester, England

Since I know some of you aren't in the discord then I'll post this here too.

Thanks to Dist, we have found an exploit on the PC release that allows you to GREATLY abuse Toasts timer. It allows you to speed up the game periodically by pausing while holding w, tabbing in and out quickly in fullscreen mode and unpausing. As you can see here, doing this abuse saves 7 seconds within the 1st 30 seconds of the game.

Safe to say, this shit is BANNED However, current submissions that HAVE been verified will still be left on the boards and considered Legacy, even if they have done this accidentally. Any submissions that have not been verified WILL be rejected if this has been done, even accidentally, and this will also go for ALL new submissions.

Now, there are ways around this issue: If you tab out in fullscreen mode, make sure you wait a few seconds before tabbing back in and unpausing as this stops it from happening. You can also use windowed mode/borderless window which will also stop the issue from happening.

I can't stress this enough, if you do this AT ALL your run is invalid.

We know that most of you have probably done this accidentally and not even noticed it, and this isn't your fault. But, there are also some people who will definitely abuse this and try to make it look accidental to save time.

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