NEW RULE: Ammo count must be shown
2 years ago
Texas, USA

Hello all, we have yet another unexpected rule addition. Due to a new cheat/exploit technique we just became aware of tonight, effective immediately we will require ammo count on the bottom right portion of the screen to be visible throughout the run. Yes, this is for both NG and NG+ runs, knife only too. If you have something transparent over that area, that is fine but nothing that completely obscures the ammo count. This new rule will be applied to all runs currently in the verification queue.

I'm sorry if this affects some of you who have your cameras bottom right and have runs already in the queue, but we unfortunately have to take this action now. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Edit: you do not have to do anything special to turn on ammo count in game, just have visible that corner of the screen where you see your ammo totals after reloading a weapon.

Edited by the author 2 years ago