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1 year ago
Ohio, USA

This category would be speed running certain parts for the game for example let’s just say I wanted to just do a speed run of Chris I would just start my timer when I go on Chris and end when you lose control of him

Greater Manchester, England

That sort of category makes it kinda hard for console streamers to time seeing as we can't put splits onto our streams. Seems more tailored for PC players which is :( Like i know we can have splits if we are using a tower alongside that but a lot of console streamers, stream directly from the console it's self.

Ohio, USA

I’m a console player if we do have something like this we can use a stopwatch or what ever it’s been done for re7 end of Zoe

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Greater Manchester, England

Oh i forgot about that good point.

Toronto, ON, Canada

If any, what other segments could be included? Does the Heisenberg boss fight count as a segment since you use a different fighting mechanism?

United States

It's a fun idea, and by all means I'd recommend speedrunning the game in a way that's fun for you regardless of leaderboards/categories, but it's not really feasible for a few reasons.

The moderators already have a lot on their plate, and it's a rather thankless/payless job, so I doubt they'd want to moderate it. It's impossible to determine a clear start/end time for stages as it's not defined by the game, so it would require a lot of input from the community, and that's not to mention the timing of runs would likely need to be manually re-verified by mods. Coming up with arbitrary start and end times for stages would definitely require a lot of debate. It's also a bit of a redundant category, as in most categories the WR holder of an Any%/full game run would be able to submit their individual "stages" as WR's for the IL times. In the reverse situation, where a game with multiple stages also has an Any%/full game run, this makes a lot more sense.

Not to mention, the section in specific you mentioned (the Chris section) doesn't actually have any save points.. So if you want to reset, you have to fight through Heisenberg just to do IL runs for a segment that is just about the same length as the Heisenberg fight? It doesn't really make sense.

Like I said, you should run the game in a way that's fun for you whether or not a leaderboard actually exists. I definitely can't speak on behalf of the mods, but I don't see this being a workable category.

Hope that helps.

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