No Standard Category?
2 years ago


I don’t understand why there is no Standard difficulty in the current categories of the game.

I trained since the release of the game on NG standard (which is really the default speedrun category for me) and now I actually don’t have any category to submit my run :-(.

I’ve seen a lot of people running on Standard as well on YouTube and twitch so I don’t understand this choice.

Is there any possibility to add this only missing difficulty please?

Thanks :-).

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I don't know if you joined the discord, but the mods there answered this question and the reason why it's not included is that there's no noticeable difference between Casual and Standard to make it a different category

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Basically what Volgher said. The difference between Standard and Casual is just that the bosses tank a little more dmg.

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In that case I don’t understand why you chose the casual mode as the standard is like the default of the game.

I mean I understand that just the bosses are more tanky. But it still have an impact on the strats so it means learning a new rooting... while I’m creating my own rooting since a few weeks... it’s a but unfair but anyway if you already made your decisions I won’t insist.

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Your routing shouldn't change other than becoming easier because you can skip some ammo pickups.

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I mean, the mods been saying for weeks that their plans were to not include a Standard category, hence why in the discord there have been channels for routing Casual, Hardcore, and VOS but none for Standard since the day the discord went live. It’s been publicly available information since a couple days after the game came out. With any new speed game a lot of folks might start running before rules and categories are known and they risk their runs not being valid for the leaderboard. I was doing retry strats in my runs with the assumption it wouldn’t be allowed for console before they gave us the rules, fortunately they allow it but it was the risk I was taking assuming my runs would be invalid for this leaderboard because it’s how I wanted to run the game. Even if it would’ve been invalid, doesn’t really make my effort any less or my achievements any less, I would’ve obviously just needed to make adjustments to be allowed to submit though.

As for choosing casual, I’m sure like with most games that have different difficulties it comes down to it being the fastest, if even by just a handful of seconds.

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I've been running under casual from the start, but didn't realize that there was no established standard category before. I would have thought that it would be separated since casual's aim assist option is so strong.

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In the end it doesnt concern me cus i personally am more interested in either the hardcore or VoS run but i can def see people expecting a standard run. I definitly never saw a mention of there being no standard category by mods then again i dont join discords or other chats ( too busy with other stuff). Add onto that the previous RE game having a category in every difficulty it def gives some a reason to expect a category in all of em.

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Yes of course I accept it. But every other RE speedrun games have a Normal category so for me it’s just surprising that RE8 didn’t’ have. I didn’t follow the discord so I wasn’t aware. I ran RE2 and RE3 remake and the basic speedrun was standard.

And to be honest It feels a bit unfair because the other categories are all covered. I understand the explanation, but it’s hard to accept sorry.

Anyway. Thanks all for the information and sharing :-)

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The difference from casual to standard is 1 more shot in like 1 or 2 bosses, that's barely 10 seconds of difference

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RE7 didn't use Standard as the base difficulty for the same exact kind of reasons that @Volgher just pointed out.

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basically standard would be casual with you intentionally blowing yourself up quite often


Well I don’t know if you actually tried the 2 difficulties but it’s not just about damage. I tried the Casual run and the AI behavior is also different.

So you cannot really say this is just about some Boss beeing more tanky because it’s not true. New strats becomes available and require new trainings.

Apart from that I didn’t speedrun RE7 but to be honest I would have made the same feedback.

One more thing. I understand that you guys have a Discord to talk about this but If you knew 3 weeks ago already that no Standard Mode would be available why didn’t you created the categories sooner so we could clearly see on the website? I’m not talking about making them available but just visible so everyone could know what to expect.

I personally don’t’ use Discord but I was checking the website every day. So for next time maybe you can consider it that would be awesome.


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Unfortunately, due to the poor way that SRC was designed, the instant we put up any categories, it opens submissions. There's no way to put categories up, but have the board not accept submissions.

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This would mean that if I had a recording of a standard speedrun, I can submit it under casual or would the run be void all together?

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@RackARibs it would have to be rejected all together as it is not a category we have a leaderboard for unfortunately