Lady D Boss area black loading screen
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Lady D Boss area black loading screen

Hey guys! I run Casual NG+ Glitchless for the XBO and i am loosing time when entering the Lady D boss fight. As soon as i exit through the doors after putting the masks on it goes to a black loading screen for several seconds (which i assume is still counting in game time) and i cant seem to get this to not happen. Ive tried several restarts and pausing before i go in but nothing seems to work. Im not sure if this is the right spot to ask this but any tips/advice would be so appreciated! Thanks so much!

Ohio, USA

If you are using the internal hard drive. It will do this in several areas of the game because the internal hard drive isn’t fast enough to load some areas. That is what gives you the black loading screen. I use an external ssd to fix the issue. You don’t need a big one. A small 250 gig ssd works well. Make sure it’s a 3.0 usb ssd also. Makes a big difference and will save you time on your run. Just have any game you are speedrunning on the ssd. You can store it on the internal when not running and just move it when you want to speedrun

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Thank you so much! 😊😊

Fukuoka, Japan

Another solution would be pausing before it happens, it’s very Predictable once that happened many times

California, USA

It happens to me sometimes too, i think it is just our systems falling behind