NG+ Pistol Type ONLY (hardcore/VoS)
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NG+ Pistol Type ONLY (hardcore/VoS)
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First off, thank you all so much, everyone in the speedrunning community for getting RE8 in order to start its speedrunning community on -- you guys are legends!

are you considering anything below by chance? Thanks for reading:)

I think a category for Pistol only should be made. and within that category i was thinking a subset of categories could be; NG (ng items/guns only) NG (ng items/guns only WITH infinite ammo) NG+ Pistol TYPE GUNS only (any pistol, no mag, no hancannon) NG+ Pistol TYPE GUNS only (no mag, no handcannon) with infinite ammo

and more subsets of those with difficulty. Specifically I would LOVE to see a Pistol Only NG+ any% Infinite ammo Village of Shadows run. At the same time I am interested in seeing how competitive and fast a category of runners doing the same thing, but on casual due to how much faster that could be in contrast.

its too much, i know. but they are just ideas. The first step and plenty enough of one would be adding a Pistol only category for NG and NG+ with casual and village of shadows as difficulties.

Moderators! - if myself, and enough others were willing to run and submit pistol only runs, would this be a possibility of seeing in the future of this games speedrunning sage?

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We've discussed this in earlier forum posts afaik, and there is definitely a possibility of Pistol only % becoming a thing in the Category Extension leaderboards. When will this happen? We don't know yet tbh.

Unfortunately new game will only be casual. Chris' section cant be done on HC or VoS unless ofcourse non handgun only things are allowed to deal damage. Explosives, laser ect.

Of course ng+ infinite ammo would be possible on HC or VoS on the other hand.

Would say new game casual. NG+ for HC or VoS no casual but thats just me.

Been running HG only exclusively on casual lately. I barely have ammo left over with chris so i didnt bother with any other difficulty and only interesting in new game.

Exclusively use lemi and m19+upgrades tried v61 but m19 outshined IMO(fire rate makes up for the loss of damage in the areas post v61 unlock). Use pipe bombs on doors and red chimney skip. And knife on boxes.(its a prompt)

Figure the rules should be the same as knife only except only the handgun can break knifes out challenge.

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I actually tried VoS for HG only, and when u allow at Chris Urias the use of the laser for exactly 3times, there is enough ammo for him (if u hit only the weakspot). All the ammo from chris is enough to get urias to about 55%. The laser deals 20% or so afaik, so it would work, with this specific exception. What would you say?

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Would have to allow unlimited use of the laser. Controller is much less accurate.

Talking about laser the 3 lasers you gotta hit the house with should also be free to aim any where in knife only. Afaik it changes nothing.

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The lasers to enter the cave are out of the question, cause otherewise ud softlock. Dont know about controller cause i play on pc. But less accurate or not, posible is posible. More harder or easier, that is something different for sure, but thats why we have console and pc splited.

By less accurate i mean more lasers will be needed to finish him off due to wasted ammo. Not really a difficulty thing but aiming is rough.

In a knife only run when clearing the path to cave you cant hit tentacles. I was just thinking out loud that the rule is unneeded due to it affecting nothing afaik. Will be a thing to think about in HG only later though.

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as far as the people that are doing NG pistol only. if you switch to v61 mid game or whenever, if you used that/ bought all the ammo possible, upgraded power, ammo cap, and fire rate. as well as ran away from as much as possible outside forced boss fights... i think ng pistol type only; standard could be done, and i think even hardcore would be no problem. if you sell every gun and ammo type except pistol, only fight what you need to (bosses) and trasition to v61 when you can, then upgrade while buying all pistol ammo and making pistol ammo

i think this is all doable. cept maybe vos. but who knows

The issue with anything beyond casual is chris. All depends on whats allowed to be used during his section. True HG only? Doubt beyond casual is possible.

Also i assume the difficulties in this category will work the same as all other categories so there will be no standard.

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At Chris this follows, or at least could follow, the same special rules like knife only. KO allows the karambit for Hard/VoS. Not because it would be impossible, but the bosses would take an hour each, easily. But nevertheless they allowed it. The chris part on the other hand in HG only (VoS for this very case) is constructed just like the mutamyzed part in the village. No matter what u do, without the laser there is no way of getting further. For urias, it doesnt matter what u do. The game has not enough ammo for this fight to be made HG only. Thatswhy impossible, and thatswhy you would need an exceptionrule for higher difficultys just like the KO category has. In this case, the laser on urias can be used, but only 3 times. I know that cause i did it. All the ammo takes urias about 45% hp if mostly hit the weakspot. So after u emptied ur HG there is so much HP left (~55%) that 3 lasers (~60%dmg) can barely manage to take him down. This requires the usage of at least 90% of the available ammo and would make this part as much HG only as possible.

In category like those, mods should allow exception for the sake of possibility in certain difficulty. Thumb up if u agree

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i would bet that with my choice of pistol type, not lemi, but v61 or m1911, that i could beat standard pistol only> chris part is the easiest part of that, pistol shots well time at red barrles and movement down pat and the laser shots are doable,

the only thing i see is that on VOS difficulty, Urias is going to need to be hit twice, minimum. im tempted to stream this tonight. I know standard can be done.. just got to avoid every fight possible cept bosses.

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fregg.. to your older comment, are flashes or grenades allowed in HG only. if they were, on chris's part then adding those in would solve this problem.

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Quick guess, no they are not allowed. Only HG. And how would they solve the problem with Urias? All the nades/bangs in the game wouldnt be enough to shredd 60% hp of him xD

If you can use the laser you should be able to use as you wish. Not a limit. Forcing a restart point for PC or complete reset for console isnt ideal.

Its still knife only when Allowing a stronger knife in harder difficulties. Using the laser is different.

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When it comes to HG only ONLY HGs should be allowed. I kind of regret going to bat for the magnum in RE3R, and I really don't want to see it in village since it's not really a handgun. Only weapons that fire HG bullets should be allowed. If it can't be done on higher then standard/casual, then so be it.

This of course is just my opinion, but HG only should be kept, HG only.


Yeah thats why im in favour of magnum as i said before cus i consider it a handgun but i guess thats gonna be one of those agree to disagree subjects.

The mods are so overloaded with a backlog of runs that they would not have time to check any runs in other categories. You should try volunteering to help them with the workload so that maybe they can bring in other categories.

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@ThePatient Mercenary? I think u messed up your copy paste post, sorry we don’t want someone who tried to ridicule us to be a mod. At least you’re not being childish about it ♥️

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I think adding Pistol categories could spice up the dynamic here. For example, I'm a considerable handgun lover, and I would love to see them more, not just read the reviews about them on websites like Of course, it's a sensitive topic since some people consider it too violent. However, if we limit everyone with them, this would become a more considerable temptation. There should be some more general categories open there, but others that include more dangerous pieces should be restricted.

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Lemi only runs would be more viable to be honest because if you have pistol only everyone would just end up using the STAKE and that's not really a challenge.

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