Library goop crossing strat for console and controller 60fps.
1 year ago
Ohio, USA

The first two times I almost made it. It was the switch from 120 to 60fps that changed the timing on the turn a little. You have to run a wider line into the bubbles because controllers don't turn as fast as keyboard and mouse. As soon as your first step is in the bubbles, turn and follow the line shown. I have the controller up so you can see the inputs. I show my controller settings at the beginning. I hope this helps console runners perform this strat to help save time.

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Ohio, USA

I have successfully done this on the XBSX at this time on a 60hz 4k tv multiple times. It's tough to do with a controller. Less room for error than with a mouse and keyboard. That's why I had to find a different line and when to turn and quickly as possible to make the strat work. It just depends if people want or need to save the few seconds from running around the long way. I'll have a run up on the boards soon with all the strats I am showing. I am not happy with the times so far. I need to work on the boss fights more to really save time. My best run is just over 48 minutes. I would like a 46 min run.

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