Castle skip removed
2 months ago

Does anyone know if they patched the castle skip? Either Im VERY bad at it now - or else its not possiable anymore. Help


I'm pretty sure it was fixed and you have to downpatch for Any%.

United States

Its patched on console but i heard you can down patch on pc but not sure

KĂžbenhavn, Denmark

For clarity, the skip was indeed patched and can still be done on PC if you downpatch.

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South Australia, Australia

Are you able to let me know how to downpatch for any%


You can downpatch the game using this video here. Note you will have to redo and make your speedrun saves again if you run NG+ as you will lose them all via downpatching so if you want to keep your saves if you decide to play on the latest patch I would recommend making a backup which is explain in this video. Hope this helps.

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