How to install the full game (Tutorial)
How to install the full game (Tutorial)
Updated 1 year ago by WagnerBrasil
  • To avoid download problems I also recommend installing the "Free Download Manager" which is a free download manager.
  • There are many tutorials on YouTube on how to install RE4 2007 in various ways, many are zipped like this one, through torrent or with the installation file along with serial, but most of them come with missing files or corrupted files noticed this a lot and many tutorials that I saw and installed from various sites some presented problems;
  • So I decided to provide my own updated Resident Evil 4, among all of them this almost never crashes and is fully playable;
  • So see the following tutorial with images to assist, which is very simple and this also applies to Japanese version.
  • You will click on the link in the resources tab to download on;
  • It is in total 2,41 GB and extracted is 4,57 GB with all files;


1 - Select the file "Resident Evil 4 1.10 (EUR-PAL).partXX" by clicking the right mouse button.

2 - Click on "extract here" which will generate the folder with all the game files.

(All the parts need to be in the same folder and you don't need an installer).


  • The 4GB Patch has been applied to both executables:

100 -> v1.0.0 (EUR-PAL) NO graphics quality for a bad PC.

110 -> v1.1.0 (EUR-PAL) WITH graphics quality for a good PC.

More information on 4GB Patch

  • Rename the EXE file "100" or "110" to "game" to avoid errors.
  • The ubisoft logo and demo in the menu have been removed from the "Movie" folder.
  • The "SaveData.dat" is completely 0% (download complete saves from the internet).
  • The "SetupTool.ini" is configured with my controller, if yours is different change it in "SetupTool.exe".

● If you have any problems, please contact our server on Discord that communication is more efficient.

Resident Evil 4 PC07 Speedruns

My discord: Wagner Brasil#4709

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