Rules Updated (in relation to the Japanese version)
Rules Updated (in relation to the Japanese version)
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As of 28 march 2023

  • It was updated the rules of how the time is finished in Segments runs, Individual Chapter and SW Ind. Ch. too, some times were changed as in that AutoSplit was in test;

  • All runs that are done on the "Amateur" difficulty have to be played on the Japanese version as on any console version (RE4 PC07 is ported from the Gamecube and PS2 version) and this regardless of which category you are running.


  • There's an additional text in the swords room in 3-1 when you take and put the second sword.

Question Q: It seems like a small detail? A: Yes, but it is different and will be added to the rule as it was with AutoSplit.

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So as few of you has heard this while the others didn't we have a Category Extension Board now for this game and all of the previous MISC/MEME Categories have been moved to the other board along with the runs as well so here is a link to the new board good luck

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