Autosplitting For The Autosplitter

If The Maker Of The PC07 Autosplitter IS Here He Must Read This Thread.So What I Did Is That I Tried To make The Autosplitter Able To Split For The 1.1.0 Version.But For Some Reason When I Was Done with The Code It Said That The Autosplitter Wasnt Able To Split Start Or Even Reset.Please Help Me! Here is the link to the ASL

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ParĂ¡, Brazil

I need permission to have access. join our server at discord it's easier

Orlando, FL, USA

I'll see what i can do @NoTtheWarKImg71210 and thank you for your help

Orlando, FL, USA

There you go @NoTtheWarKImg71210 it's working now but i don't understand where do you want it to split?


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Orlando, FL, USA

Your code made the ASl split literally every-where/when

listen man.Even i am a noob at autospliiters.i litterly tried to make one before but i think i used the wrong pointers.dont worry.i will make it work

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Orlando, FL, USA

Yeah i'm sure you will just keep trying i also wrote the code wrong so many times at the beginning

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