Glitches and Skips
Glitches and Skips
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This guide will present glitches and skips will be presented for beginners or veterans.


Question: What is a Glitch?

Answer: It is when you perform a movement to perform such an action for the player uses it as an advantage taking advantage of it, for example: Crossing walls, skipping scenarios, dialogues, having infinite items and etc.

Question: What is a Skip?

Answer: It is when we use a game failure and use it as an advantage to skip a game event, performing a movement/action at specific locations to skip 10, 50 or 90% of the game's progress (either in levels, within levels or stages).

Question: What is Clip?

Answer: Through walls, objects or characters using glitches to perform some skip.


Save for train - Link Download:

RE4 (PC07) - SaveData.dat to train speedruns (Glitches and Skips)



Boulder 1-1 Skip

Discovered by DarkShinobu (around October 2007)


Waterfall Skip

Discovered by magnum66 and ashroat (around August 2007)

NOTE: This skip works without the Ditman Glitch.


[Obsolete] +Consistent (using reference point 1)
h ttps://
[Obsolete] +Consistent (using reference point 2)
h ttps://
[Obsolete] +Consistent (using reference point 3)
h ttps://

+Consistent (4)

Crank Invincibility Glitch

Discovered by ????? "spiralout1123211, Torao or RE4glitchfaq" (August 2007)


Sewer/Door Skip

Discovered by DEEPTHROATH (?/?/2007)


QTEs Verdugo Skip


QTEs Verdugo Skip without Ditman Glitch activated


Boulder/Dynamite Skip

Discovered by Darkangelshinobu (?/?/2007)

90% consistent (using reference point 1)

NOTE: This skip works without the Ditman Glitch. It is recommended that you take down the dynamite enemy, because depending on the difficulty this enemy gets on you faster (I played on the easy difficulty).


Image (Reference point):

Boulder/Dynamite Skip 90% consistent (using reference point 2)


Images (Reference points):

Boulder/Dynamite Skip 2 (using reference point)

NOTE: This skip not works without the Ditman Glitch.


Images (Reference points):

Los Gigantes Skip

Discovered by Californigus (around February 2007)

NOTE: This skip does not work without the Ditman Glitch.


Minecart Skip

Discovered by JM-MorenoMS (around April 2016)

Skip Minecart works on all 30 or 60 FPS versions, BUT there is another method of doing it only that it works ONLY on the Steam PC version (so it will not be shown in this guide).

1 - It can be done WITH or WITHOUT the Ditman Glitch as shown in the videos.

2 - You can do it on the second or third cart, because the scheme is the same.

3 - There are 3 images that give you an idea of ​​how to do it at first, using a reference point.

4 - The reference point is the position of the strollers, second or third, it is noticed that when the stroller starts to move and goes diagonally to the right and you notice the affection making a V shape as shown in image 1 .

5 - When he makes this turn, the "Jump Over" disappears (this is the moment you have to prepare yourself for the inputs)

6 - Take a step back (this step will make the "Jump Over" appear again in the middle of the turn) and keep pressing the button to jump to another cart.

7 - When Leon is doing the jump animation to another cart you have to drop the D-pad and the Analog until it will clip to the floor and you can run on the tracks.

8 - Doing the skip without the Ditman Glitch is recommending doing it on the second cart, because you have more time to position yourself and it seems to be easier.

9 - There is an RNG that can happen in the third cart, that when the cattle are run over by the cart they can drop some item and you accidentally collect it at the same time you try to skip, if anything appears just collect and jump to the other cart simultaneously.

Video (with Ditman Glitch):

Video (without Ditman Glitch):

Image 1 (Reference point):

Image 2 (GIF 1):

Image 3 (GIF 1):

Salazar Skip

Discovered by Derek Taylor (around November 2008)

[Obsolete] (Left): +Consistent (using reference point)
h ttps://
[Obsolete] (Right): +Consistent (using reference point)
h ttps://

(Right): +Consistent (3)

NOTE: This skip does not work without the ditman glitch.

The tips are:

1 - Enter the door with the Striker equipped;

2 - Make the ditman glitch by equipping a grenade;

3 - Run towards the pillar, turn 180° and take a few steps back;

4 - Aim and move left (no quickturn);

5 - Position Leon's hair on the left side along with the left side of the ladder as seen in the images:

Image 1

Image 2

(Obsolete) Island Skip (30 FPS)

Discovered by magnum66 and ashroat (around August 2007)

NOTE: This skip does not work without the Ditman Glitch.


Island Skip (30/60 FPS)

Discovered by あれれまさる (around April 2019)

[Obsolete] +Consistent (using reference point 1)

+Consistent (using reference point 2)


Image (Reference point):

Garage Skip


Statue Clip 90% consistent


Image (Reference point)

OoB Easy Method (Krauser Skip NG/NG+)

This OoB can happen three things: it falls to the bottom floor, it falls but deep, or it falls forever (which is a softlock). But I have discovered a new method using the knife.


Reference Images:




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