Skips (Commands Exploit)
Skips (Commands Exploit)
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Commands Exploit discovered by HinakoShijou/zaizuodedoushilaji/SantiMed1na/D201737 (?/October/2022)



Question: What are exploit commands?

Answer: It is a sequence of buttons that are pressed in specific segments of the game that activates some action or trigger of the game to skip some parts of the game saving a lot of time, with this new discovery was explored in the whole game, so with this great discovery I registered all the specific passages, with the help of other Runners and also discovered other discoveries that were shared by the community on discord.

The sequence:

Question: Does it work on another version (e.g. Steam, Xbox, PS2, PS4 and etc) besides PC07?

Answer: No, it has already been tested on other versions, but no result; The only command that in this case is to reset the game through another sequence of buttons works on PlayStation 2

Question: Why does this happen?

Answer: Probably this may have been a debug tool used by the game developers, which is very common in games today to test the game, advancing fast parts to save development time, so when the first PC version was finally released, they ended up forgetting to disable these tools that for us we use as an advantage.

Question: Is this skip/exploit allowed on speedruns?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you do this exploit in the "Glitchless" category?

Answer: Yes, it is considered an exploit and not glitch, which are completely different.


  • Glitch it is when you perform a movement to perform such an action for the player uses it as an advantage taking advantage of it, for example: Crossing walls, skipping scenarios, dialogues, having infinite items and etc.
  • Exploit can be confused with glitch or bug, but it is not, it is a more specific term that explains certain malfunctions that are exploited by the player to his advantage, for example: poorly positioned platform, shortcuts with unintentional shape, positioning error of such items and tricks using objects or other characters in the game.*

Question: Does this exploit work in the "Separate Ways" and "Assignment Ada" campaign?

Answer: Yes, "Separate Ways" has only one skip and "Assignment Ada" nothing unfortunately.

Question: Isn't this cheating?

Answer: No, because it is a debug command that the developers leave to test the game, they just forgot to block the command and leave as an advantage for other players to activate whenever they want. Cheating is the improper use of code activated external tools that are not part of the game itself, examples: Cheat Engine, Memory Editors, Trainers, Aimbots, Wallhacks, ESP, Fly Hack, GameShark, Action Replay, Game Genie, Codebreaker and etc.


Save for test - Link Download:

RE4 (PC07) - SaveData.dat for test Commands Exploit


(Obsolete) Village Skip (Commands Exploit)
Equip the knife + run button + (keeps opening and closing the case)
Discovered by HinakoShijou/zaizuodedoushilaji/SantiMed1na/D201737 (?/October/2022)
(2° Obsolete) Village Skip + New Method (Commands Exploit)
New Method discovered by WagnerBrasil (23/October/2022)
NOTE: You must draw the village's attention by shooting any ganado,
when the music plays, do the sequence for the skip to work.
Equip the knife + run button + opening and closing the case
(hold the three commands together)

Village Skip (Commands Exploit) (2° Method)

2° New Method discovered by WagnerBrasil (26/October/2022)

I found out that you don't need to hold the 3 buttons at the same time, just press all 3 and then wait.

NOTE: You must draw the village's attention by shooting any ganado, when the music plays, do the sequence for the skip to work.

NOTE 2: Since you have skipped the village without killing any ganado, the DA will be low, and some ganados in the middle of the path will take time to attack you.

Village Skip in 5 seconds (NG)

Chapter 1-2 QTE Skip + Despawn Ganados (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (06/August/2023)

  • I discovered a new Skip, it is similar to Ada's QTE campaign, but having a difference in the scenario;
  • After completing chapter 1-1 if you do the sequence before the QTE, you skip it;
  • When you advance you realize that some enemies are gone and this can affect a small part of the route, because this part has a lot of RNG of these enemies some can attack you, grab you or they can be in different locations, because as the enemies are gone this delays their artificial intelligence and facilitates the route.

So I made a comparison video showing what exactly changes when you do the sequence and when you don't.

0:00 without Commands Exploit
1:27 with Commands Exploit RNG 1
2:57 with Commands Exploit RNG 2
4:20 Comparison

Cabin Skip (Commands Exploit)

NOTE: Since you have skipped the cabin without killing any ganado, the DA will be low, and some ganados in the middle of the path will take time to attack you.

Skip discovered by WagnerBrasil (23/October/2022)

Garrador Skip

Discovered by VSL (?/January/2023)

Basically you do the command and the Garrador gets only 1 HP.

NOTE: the command works after the Garrador loose from the wall, do the command before it comes loose does not work.

Question: Does it work in other places?

Answer: No, it has already been testing in places with bosses, for example: Del Lago, the first El Gigante (and with exposed plaga too), Bitorez (2° form too), Armor, the two Garradors (after the clock tower), Verdugo, Salazar and U-3.

  • But the Garrador of the cell saves a long time and avoids that boring rifle strat;
  • In NG+ you don't have to equip PRL, just opens the cell, makes the "ditman glitch" and equip the grenade.

2 Triggers Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (23/October/2022)

Trigger actived? (Commands Exploit)

Sewer Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (01/November/2022)

When you enter the door, hold down the three exploit buttons and the scenario will change, and you can continue the game as normal with Ashley.

Statues Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (23/October/2022)

Wood Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (23/October/2022)

Clock Tower Bridge (exploring the glitch with commands exploit)

NOTE: If you activate the bridge cutscene playing on "Easy" difficulty you cannot get through, only by pulling the lever.

Krauser Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by XodaRapX (02/November/2022)

When you enter the door, hold down the three Exploit buttons as in Sewer Skip and Leon will appear next to the second piece, from there the route begins.

This route is valid for any category, you will save ammo and herbs.

1 - You collect the second piece and will start the battle against Krauser, when you defeat them you will take the third piece;

2 - In this section you will perform a Glitch to cross the wall;

3 - When you execute it you will follow the path out of the map to get the first piece.

NOTE: do not worry you do not need to be at the height of it you can collect at the bottom, and go around and straight to the door, with this you save a lot of time without having to worry about the Krauser attacks on your way and his robots.

Krauser Skip + OoB in 45 seconds (NG+)

Exploring the glitch (go back to the door after running "Krauser Skip")

Saddler Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (23/October/2022)

SW: QTE Skip (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (02/November/2022)

Hold down the commands in the middle of the loading screen and you will skip the QTE saving a few thousandths.

Force Reset (Commands Exploit)

Discovered by WagnerBrasil (03/November/2022)

Press and hold the four buttons simultaneously which are:

Aim with the knife + aim with the gun + access the map + Options menu (can be the order you want)

This command does a Force Reset on your game in the middle of the gameplay without having to go to "Options" and it is a little faster and it applies in all modes.

NOTE: Do not use the command while you give a "Retry from a continue point" or enter a door otherwise the game crashes, and in some doors it can happen that the menu has the same effect when you enter the door but in an infinite time, and it only stops if you access a new game from another campaign, look at the Movie Browser or Ada's Report.

(Obsolete) Village Skip + Itens Route

Routes + Strat Commands

0:00 Village Skip + Item Route (1 Incendiary Grenade)
0:38 Village Skip + Itens Route (2 Grenades + Shotgun)
1:28 2 Triggers Skip + Strat Commands
1:44 Statues Skip + Strat Commands
2:03 Wood Skip + Strat Commands
2:18 Saddler Skip + Strat Commands + Route

Cabin Skip + Itens

Sewer Skip + Strat for NG/No Merchant

This Strat is valid for NG and No Merchant, in NG+ you need to pass the chapter losing Ashley, because she will disturb you a lot.

I noticed that as the game understands that you are with Ashley the scenario will change and advantages appear, examples:

1 - You can get the Broken Butterfly in the door that you need Ashley without needing only the turn in the scenarios after having saved Ashley from the next chapters;

2 - The Labyrinth will be without Wolves, so you don't need to worry about attacks;

3 - The room that has a Rocket and some items inside a glass, the gate will not be there, and some enemies will not appear in your way because the game understands that you are with Ashley, so you can collect the items without needing to go back to the scenarios after saving Ashley in the next chapter.

The downside is that you will have a lot of trouble in scenarios that have a lot of enemies and you will have to protect Ashley, so you need to be more careful.

Outreach videos (with explanations):

▀▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ SPANISH


▀▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ PT-BR


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