Only Knife (Tips)
Only Knife (Tips)
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Only Knife (All Exceptions)


DogTwinkie - Knife Only - New Game, Steam in 1h 40m 18s h ttps://

WagnerBrasil - Others clips: Shooting the spiked ceiling in 4-3, Shooting the lever to start the mine cart in 4-3, Shooting the ganado holding the lever.

0:00 Shooting the 3 boxes in 2-1
0:10 Shooting the truck in 2-3
0:22 Protecting Ashley in the upper part of the waterhall in 3-1 (can't shoot the zealots downstairs that will attack Leon)
1:02 Shooting the wine bottle in 3-3
1:23 Saving Ashley in 3-4
2:09 Killing the red zealot in the lava room in 4-1
2:24 Killing the 2 ganados on crushing truck in 4-1
2:32 Shooting the chains to lower the bridge by the novistador hive in 4-1
2:51 Shooting the spiked ceiling in 4-3
3:16 Shooting the lever to start the mine cart in 4-3
3:32 Shooting the ganado holding the lever (but you cannot shoot the ganados that are entering the cart)
4:02 Killing Salazar in 4-4 on Glitchless (if you are playing on Glitched you are required to use the salazar skip instead)
4:59 Shooting the trucks in 5-2 (you may only use the handgun to stop the trucks, you may not shoot any of the enemies)
5:46 Shooting any lights in the U-3 cages that you can't reach with the knife in 5-3

RE4 (PC07) - Only Knife (All Exceptions)

Bitorez, Only Knife/PRO + Glitch

  • I was having trouble killing the Bitorez because of its second form attacks, so I scoured the scenario a lot and watched several videos on youtube and saw the first method, but I found the second method (which is the second form of the Bitorez) to be very useful.

RE4 (PC07) - Bitorez, Only Knife/PRO + Glitch

Minecart/PRO (Only Knife)

  • Handgun (no upgrades) - For category Only Knife, Glitchless

RE4 (PC07) - Minecart/PRO (Only Knife)

Salazar, Handgun (no upgrades)/PRO

  • For category Only Knife, Glitchless;
  • Since it is not possible to kill Salazar with a knife, I decided to test the pistol with how many bullets it is possible to kill;
  • 550 bullets more or less to kill him.

RE4 (PC07) - Salazar, Handgun (no upgrades)/PRO

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