Running on duckstation
2 years ago
Kent, England

Hi guys quick question.

Is it possible to submit runs on duckstation emulator for ps1?

I can obviously show framerate , control input ect.

Many thanks :)

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United Kingdom

This might be a good chance to have a discussion about the current state of emulation for RE3. Right now the current PS Emu leaderboard has barely any rules and is just a bunch of submissions with no actual proof of what emulator or settings they're using. Other boards including RE1, Parasite Eve 2 and Dino Crisis 2 have added a separate platform for Duckstation so that everyone has to use the same emulator and the same settings, with proof of inputs, emulation speed and Game Frame Rate/FPS.

What are everyone's thoughts on doing something like this for RE3 too?

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Saskatchewan, Canada

As someone who uses Duckstation for Dino Crisis 2 I will say it is an amazing emulator that is easy to use and setup so it has my support.


For me I use PSX and it is the only emulator that works well with OBS without losing frames, cause I have a limited PC. But I always show the emulator window before/after the run. So I really don't want it to be prohibited because it is the only one I can use, but as long as the person shows its windows and there is no cutting of frames/speed, it should be free use the most suitable.

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Currently I have been testing the emulated PS category and I use PSX with the default settings that it brings. And several runners that I know and have runs on the page use PSX. Unfortunately several of the many runs submitted and approved on the page it is not known what type of emulation they used / configuration. But if you come to think of adding or separating the runs by a default emulator or leaving a single general emulator for the category, the issue should be analyzed a lot because, as I said before, many of us use PSX.

United Kingdom

Yes of course, the current board should remain intact out of respect to the current runners. Mainly this was suggesting that we create a new board to co-exist alongside the current one. For example other games have an "Emulator(Legacy)" board which would be the same as the board we have now allowing all emulators, and a "Duckstation" board which is more strict and requires all runners to be using the same emulator with proof of settings. psx is a very outdated emulator and hasn't received an update since 2007. Allowing people to compete with a more modern and accurate emulator that still receives compatibility updates might be better for the long term.

This is purely a suggestion since Duckstation was brought up in the original thread. I don't run emulator for this game so the opinion of you guys that do means a lot.

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People used epsxe back in the days. If you have a better sugestion about a stable emulator, we can make some changes in the rules. We accept most of the psx/emu runs because there's nothing weird during the gameplay, but we know some emulators may have small differences. GC/emu is a good example where dolphin has smooth loads.