- This version fixes some issues with modern OS (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) like crashes. - Supports the JPN TWN version of the game only. - Includes a reset button hit F9 if you want to reset the game instead of close/open the game. - Open the program with admin rights for fixing any issue related. (direct download)
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(direct download)
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Shows your current inventory / Run as admin when game is already started (direct download)
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Varviewer is used for showing HP in Livesplit (direct download)
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Saves for all 10 Nemesis fights in the run. Does not include a worm save. Works for both Vanillia(Mediakite) & REBirth. Any issues let me know! (direct download)
Saves for several sections of the run. Works with Mediakite version. README included for instructions. (direct download)
Saves for several key parts of the run. For use with RE3 Classic REbirth only. (direct download)
this might help you to memorize which door is a slow skip or a fast skip, also lemme know if did something wrong so i can update it splits named as slow for slow skips and as fast for fast skips (direct download)
Autosplitters required for the new REBirth Patch. Includes Any% (all doors version), Knife only, Nemesis% and Knife Nemmy% The game executable has to be named BIOHAZARD(R) 3 PC.exe for it to work. (direct download)
Autosplitter set for CHN PC . Compare against game time to link timer to IGT (direct download) (shotout to Dchaps) (direct download)
Autosplitter set for JPN and TWN PC "readme.txt" for configurating/edit the autosplitter. Compare against Game Time to link timer to IGT. (direct download)
LSS file with segments renamed to help memorize Fast/Slow doors. Re-worked for use with REbirth. Credit to TheNevs for original LSS file. (direct download)
Nemesis% Light for REbirth and MediaKite TWN/CHN. Early crank with a couple of splits taken out or re-worked to better suit Light Mode (direct download)
Nemesis% autosplitter and splits, the split file inside can be used or any splits with 222 segments can be used, the autosplitter is modified from the existing any% autosplitter to fit nemesis% (direct download)
Autosplitter+Splits for Knife Nemesis% category for TWN version of the game: Early crank ➜ Gas Station ➜ Pharmacy ➜ Power Station + Basement first for Carlos instead of 4th floor (direct download)
This zip contains 2 files which are prepared for running New Game+ and remove the special weapons obtanied in Mercenaries. Also it contains a "readme.txt" with a guide of how to use it and troubleshooting. (direct download)
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Last Updated: (external link)
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