Bio3 SRT 1.2

- This version fixes some issues with modern OS (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) like crashes. - Supports the JPN TWN version of the game only. - Includes a reset button hit F9 if you want to reset the game instead of close/open the game. - Open the program with admin rights for fixing any issue related. (direct download)

By DchapsDchaps

GL/Magnum Tool

(direct download)

By PyramidKPyramidK

Inventory SRT

Shows your current inventory / Run as admin when game is already started (direct download)

By Dezzy111, exper1mentexper1ment


Varviewer is used for showing HP in Livesplit (direct download)




All Doorskips Info for Any%

this might help you to memorize which door is a slow skip or a fast skip, also lemme know if did something wrong so i can update it splits named as slow for slow skips and as fast for fast skips (direct download)

By TheNevsTheNevs

Biohazard 3 PC Autosplitter for JPN and TWN

Autosplitter set for JPN and TWN PC "readme.txt" for configurating/edit the autosplitter. Compare against Game Time to link timer to IGT. (direct download)

By DchapsDchaps, Supergamer57Supergamer57, Bomba_NemesisBomba_Nemesis

Nemesis% Doorskip Training

a doorskip training (as the one uploaded by TheNevs) but for Early Crank Nemesis% Route, it works with door autosplit by Orch (direct download)

By MudkickerMudkicker

RE3 Taiwanese Nemesis% autosplitter and splits

Nemesis% autosplitter and splits, the split file inside can be used or any splits with 222 segments can be used, the autosplitter is modified from the existing any% autosplitter to fit nemesis% (direct download)

By OrchlonOrchlon


Any% & NG+ - Bio3.ini Files

This zip contains 2 files which are prepared for running New Game+ and remove the special weapons obtanied in Mercenaries. Also it contains a "readme.txt" with a guide of how to use it and troubleshooting. (direct download)

By JulianJulian