Official REbirth RE-VOTE Results
2 years ago
Phoenix, AZ, USA


I would first like to start off with thanking you for taking part in the voting. I believe this was a big step towards rebuilding the trust of our community after the previous voting. That being said, the results were overwhelming:

44 "Yes" votes to separate REbirth from PC CHN/TWN/JPN 3 "No" votes to do nothing

I would also like to say for the next voting, whatever it may be, please read the motherfucking rules so your vote is valid :-)

We will begin migrating all runs very soon! I look forward to seeing your runs and I hope you continue to play the category that you enjoy the most, rather than the most populated board.

On a side-note, RebeccaRE has decided to step down from the position of Super-Mod and passed it along to me. We have also decided that going forward all new moderators will be voted in by the community. We are currently looking for one more moderator to join the team, if you are interested please DM me via here or discord. Once we have enough people interested we will put it to a vote. I think this is another great step for us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just want to thank you again for handling this so well. Let's try to keep this level head going forward no matter what comes next.


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Tater is a supermod god helps us all.

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California, USA

@trator_ensaboado Don’t worry sir we’ll just vote him out

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Illinois, USA

GG tater man

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Congrats Tater sir