Light Mode on Main Board
2 years ago
United Kingdom

Wondering what everyone's opinion is on having Light Mode be a potential tab on the main board instead of Category Extensions?

I think it's a good alternative to Heavy Mode as it contains similar enemy and puzzle RNG, more ammo per pickup and makes One-Cycle Worm a possibility on every run due to lower boss HP. Some weapons like the Shotgun and Magnum are available immediately from the item box which could lead to different strategies compared to Heavy Mode.

I think it could also be a good entry into Nemesis% for anyone who feels the current Nemesis% to be overwhelming with the amount of quickshooting required. Nemesis has 600 HP instead of 800 HP in Light Mode.

Just an idea, would be interested in knowing what the mods and other runners think. Thanks.

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I think it's a good idea. If knife Nemesis% can be on the main categories, why not light mode?

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California, USA

I’m behind this 100% - no idea why one of the games original difficulty settings is hidden in category extensions.

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Indiana, USA

@Mogul Because this game's board is full of try-hard elitists. Kappa

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yes to all

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Hertfordshire, England

600hp the dream

Phoenix, AZ, USA

I see lots of support here for this. I also think it's a good idea. I'll discuss it with the others

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I totally agree with this suggestion. Hopefully the mods will approve this.

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Monmouthshire, Wales

Banging Idea Hamo!


Light mode on the main leaderboard is not a bad idea imo. I just hope there are no future dramas for that. I'll talk with Wolf since he's mod in category extensions.

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Hamo made a suggestion in the discord to add it side by side to arrange and normal that is a great idea I think.

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Illinois, USA

I'm all for light mode on the main board. Makes sense as it's a part of the difficulty select at the main menu. Pretty much any easy IMO.

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So there is no way to move the old times to the new section right Anyways good idea.


i think rebecca is going to move the times, on sunday

"Hi! I want to let you know that I'm gonna migrate light mode runs on sunday" she said in disc (2 days ago)

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