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Hey guys. I''ve been wanting to make a speedrun wiki for RE2 for a while and have just started working on it today. I feel somewhat inspired by SM64 and Super Metroid's speedrun wikis that organized information very well along with giving plenty of resources + sufficient beginner routes and advice (which is something I think RE2 really needs. The mostly pistol and knife only route of the main categories are hard to learn and the old and safer routes are hidden behind older and obsoleted records.)

I think it would be an invaluable resource. I have already started and would be happy to have some contributions at least in terms of video demonstrations, pictures for the layout of the site, etc. I will write pages using my own knowledge along with info provided from other willing top runners. I'm nearing like 2800 hours and got enough records, so I think whatever info I can provide will definitely be useful.

I've never really created a wiki before, si I'm not sure if fandom is really the best hosting site for our wiki. It's early enough and I don't have my heart set on this site if there's a better alternative.

I am open and appreciative to any contributions and feedback. It will be a good amount of work, but will prove extremely useful for everyone.

Link to site:

Any questions, feel free to message me on here or discord and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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Very good initiative mondo, I play at 60 and 120. I could send you some videos with some bosses! Let me edit it to see if it helps you!

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def. trying to level up my runs so ill keep an eye on this page

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oh this is gonna help me a lot. ty sir

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Let me know if you need any help with video editing and etc! I'm willing to help out.

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Feel free to add it under tools if you wish Mondo 🙂 Great idea though any help you want give me a shout 🙂

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Love this idea! This is fantastic idea to get things all in one area. As someone who has recently just gotten into speedrunning, this is the type of information I love rather than having to constantly refer back to all kinds of videos, and other forum posts. Great idea, i hope it works out!