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4 years ago
Wisconsin, USA

SRT Host is available! Links below!

Latest downloads:

Source code:

Video tutorial(s): This video shows RE3R but the setup process is the same for RE2R.

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Florida, USA

Just a heads up that you might have a hard time with the IGT, if it works similar to how 7's works. Would be happy to collaborate with you on memory values (since I am going to be programming an autosplitter) if you want to work together on some stuff!

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Wisconsin, USA

Yes, that'd be awesome. I noticed I had difficulty finding IGT in the demo. I found HP and Inventory stuff fine but IGT was elusive.

Wisconsin, USA

Status update.

  1. HP found.
  2. Inventory (weapon id, attachment flags, ??? and quantity) found for position 1. Focus went elsewhere.
  3. IGT found-ish. Found the string that shows in the pause menu. It only updates when you hit pause. Attemtping to scan around this value to see if I can find the backing variable that forms the basis for that string.

Any new's regarding the SRT?

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Wisconsin, USA

Yep. IGT has been found and a test build has been circulating on discord. I am preparing to release a public build once Dudley is available for hosting the file.

Current features:

Player HP Boss HP IGT


Boss HP is really Enemy HP it seems. Sometimes when no boss is around it'll show an Enemy HP such as a Zombie. I'll be working on filters. Also on one of the Birkin fights, he has 1,000,000,000 HP. This is actually normal. He is designed so that you can't 'kill' him normally, only via using the rocket launcher and this is how the game makes sure you don't kill him by just laying into him.

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Wisconsin, USA

Public alpha builds are available. See first post for details!

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Some feedback time! I've tested with a standard claire A run.

  1. G2 and G4 life didn't appear. G3 life worked like a charm.
  2. Sometimes zombies don't show as enemies, and sometimes they do.

Aside from that, I believe this worked really well! Regarding RE2 itself:

  1. Zombies have varying HPs, which is... well, weird. The damage the enemy takes also seems to vary.
  2. Hand granades, flame rounds and acid rounds do DOT.
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Wisconsin, USA

Yeah I believe that technically, I have found enemy HP and that it is not specifically just boss HP and I only have one of the enemy HP pointers. It just happens to usually have the boss in it. I think the cases where it isn't working, the HP is in a different location. In addition to Inventory work, I am searching to see if I can find the enemy HP pointer table so we can get the bug sorted out.

Thank you for your testing, it is helpful, especially the detail.


Tested with Claire B and Leon B. (More feedback!)

G5 is also missing; Leon B tyrant is... kind of weird? He has a lot of HP (just like specified on the thread) but it seems that (1) he loses HP over time and (2) when he loses over 10K HP + uses his special attack (that needs to be stopped with flashbang or granade), the granade launcher spawns.

G4 also has a lot of HP but seems only 1% of the HP is lost over the fight, which is weird (so 1% = 100%). Since I also killed G4 with a flashbang, G4 might also lose HP over time.

Another note: using the Continue option with hardcore mode seems to not reset the timer, even if you start from the start. Be careful runners!

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Ontario, Canada

I'll try out this when I get home, thanks for the effort you're putting into it!

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Wisconsin, USA

Would a mod be able to add a link to the SRT in resources to the downloads/changelog page?


New versions! KREYGASM Time to test

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Wisconsin, USA

Added Azure DevOps Pipelines for automated continuous integration (CI) building. Regular builds will continue to be deployed in the previous area but this is available for people who want builds of the bleeding edge source code, prior to the code being tested by the testers.

The CI builds can be accessed at the following link:


Suggestion: Color the HP of the enemy currently taking damage differently from the other enemies. The only issue I have so far is not being able to see at a glance how much HP the enemy im attacking has. I have to pause the game and then look closely at the table. Especially frustrating if there are 7 or 8 enemies in the room.

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Wisconsin, USA

Noted. Right now the only info I have is max and current HP. I need to find other details like model ID so i know if its a zombie vs a licker vs Mr. X.

Ideally I would like to separate bosses from regular enemies and then colorize the HP as they take damage.

Wisconsin, USA

Enemy HP is now ordered by percentage ascending, then by remaining health descending. By popular request I've added an Options UI (accessible via right click anywhere on the UI).

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Hi! I tried running this app, and even with latest framework set up, Im getting a screen flash and nothing runs. Do I need something additionally installed?

Wisconsin, USA

Is there any errors in Event Viewer, Windows Logs, Application?

Level should be Error and Source should be .NET Runtime.


Where do I look for those? Sorry I am not that level of tech savvy No errors appear as I run the app as a separate window if you are asking about that, just nothing happens

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