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3 years ago
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Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. I would like to address how we will be moving forward with the next gen consoles arriving very soon.

first things first we are NOT accepting runs from next gen right away.

we do not know how the game will be running, so we need some time to figure out how it is effected and make additional adjustments to the board if necessary.

If you are getting a next gen console please post any findings in the discord or make a post at sr.c. You may DM/Tag me or MattRPD (sr.c or discord) in any findings you feel important so the mods can see to help make the boards fair. (i don't know about you guys but when i get mine, first thing im doing is testing the knife lol)

I'll be making a next gen channel were everyone can talk and post all things next gen in discord.

Happy Running everyone!

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United States

Hi everyone!

after a lot of research and testing i would like to give a update to what we have found.

first things first both xbox series and ps5 have the game capped at 60fp that means that the knife is not OP.

HOWEVER next gen consoles hold 60fps a lot better than ps4 or xbone. The Series X performance wise, loads faster and holds 60fps much easier then the others making it the best console to speedrun but please note it is not by much After looking over the runs there seems to be no difference that we could find with the platforms other than framerate stability

you still need to pause the game to let parts load. The zombie in the beginning that burst through the door you still need to pause... the door after the croc sequence after exiting the elevator with Ada.. still requires a pause but do not need to wait as long. These parts don't save or loss time as you guys know since pausing the game stops the timer.

there seems to be very little differences with next gen and past gen consoles. since this is the case we are keeping all the consoles on the same board.

Now i have heard that game companies have been providing updates to there games giving them a next gen boost.. if this happens to Re2 we will revisit this and maybe split the boards then. Especially if they become 120 fps.

Thank you to those who helped out with all of this and if you still find any more information please let us know. Also as of now we are accepting next gens runs, i look forward to seeing them Pbs! :slight_smile:

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