RE2 Speedrun Overlay
4 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

Hi Friends!

After discussion with the mods and getting this in a better place I'm ready to share my work with the community.

This is an overlay for RE2 Speedrunners to assist with more ready information inside the game. You can find a link to the github repo here This is ideal for people who do not have multiple monitors or do not want to take their eyes off the game while playing.

This work is based heavily off of preydog's work on the RE2 Framework the mod that allowed first person mode among other things. This is a fork of his work with most of the non-speedrun related things removed. All of the code I wrote is compatible with preydog's original RE2 Framework, but I don't plan on providing builds combining the two. In addition, the overlay adds a nanosecond clock at the top based on your played time, which should be helpful in verifying runs.

If you would like to see some screenshots of the work you can find them here You can always download the latest build here

Any questions or suggestions feel free to open an issue in github or contact me on discord Hntd#3567 Also, while this mod should work fine on all versions of RE2 I will not be taking time to support older versions or non-valid steam versions.

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thanks hntd! ❤️ this programm is high recommended also for low specs pc.This is what i use then im playing from my home. thanks again mate! keep up the good work

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Thank you so much. This is so cool

Pennsylvania, USA

Just popping in to say this still works with the latest patches, no update is required, if you have it in the game it will continue to work as normal.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Hi everyone I updated the overlay to have a new feature to reset the game to the main menu. If you are being grabbed or otherwise in a screen that disallows you from pausing the game this button will break and reset to the main menu.

It's default key is f9, like other resident evils, but you can change the key bind in the options window. Keep in mind, that there are some minor restrictions on when you can press the button, if you are not actually in the game. (IE in the main menu for example) or if you are in the game over or death screen you are unable to reset from here as it will cause the game to soft lock. This feature is experimental right now so please report any issues with this so they can be fixed.

Latest builds can be obtained from here:

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my pc is not too good and other programs like srt lag my game, but this dont. ty and gj man!

Pennsylvania, USA

Hi everyone, I wanted to add boss specific information to the overlay when you begin the various encounters. What would people want to see during this?

I think g1 is rather plain and can be skipped you just stand there and knife him, but perhaps for g2 the threshold amount before the crane will kill him? G3 the health of the individual eye balls? and G4 the number of eyeballs to kill before he'll collapse? Any other suggestions?

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Anyone can help me getting this overlay? When I try to download it from the link on this post I get nothing

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Hi, the enemy HP isn't showing for me. When I try to download latest version the dinput8 isn't in the files and don't know what to do with the whole download. I think the instructions on how to extract needs an update.

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I hate to be that one person but is there an idiot's guide to get this running? I run the batch file for 2019 and it does nothing. I have placed both .dll files into the RE2 folder as stated and tried the other batch files as well but nothing.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am using the most recent patch of RE2 as of 15/06/2021.

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