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Hey fellow Runners!
I absolutely love this game and it's the first title I speedrun, started 3 weeks ago and PB is 1.05.30 so still a lot to learn, but I'm absolutely willing. 🙂

My question is: I play on the classic Ps4. Ist this a slower time regarding framerate and knife damage if you compare it to Ps4 pro?

Thank you!

Oh and a minor question: Leon's walking speed doesn't seem to be slower or faster on caution right? (I know it's faster with Claire)


Yes mate. I have a PS4 base console and the framerates are lesser than PS4 Pro - So overall you do have a disadvantage compared to PS4 Pro (60fps) or PC gamers at higher.


Thanks a lot!
So the fastest run is still knifing g1 and skipping shotgun and flaming g3 right?


everything is slower brace yourself, and leon runs the same speed on Fine and Caution, but i’m pretty sure his stair skating is a bit slower on caution.

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Digital Foundry did not test the PS4 Pro set to 1080p output to see if it improves framerate, it does on some games, might be the same for PS4 Pro.