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I want to stream/record runs but I can't figure out how to have the splits and SRT showing on stream and my own screen as well (using game capture in OBS). Can someone point me in the direction of learning how to do so?


What srt are you using as it usually overlays the in the game when you run it , and then you can just window capture and select srt plugin manager etc and it’ll show on obs in terms of being able to see your splits that might be the hard part as it’s obviously a full screen game


i've done 1 monitor exclusively forever and have splits on the right side with chat. i also use hntd's speedrun overlay, which takes up no extra space on my screen, besides taking up dead space on the game. an upside to re2 is the window's spot on the screen is remembered, so if you do use windowed with 1 monitor and have an arrangement you like, it'll save it.

you can make splits show and be see thru with color key on OBS, which is a filter. depending on the srt u use, it can be as simple as enabling 3rd party overlays in obs options (if u use hntd overlay). i think theres a plug-in for the other srt to automatically display on obs?

hopefully that helps.


I'm using SRTPluginManager and Livesplit for my splits.
I'll try out hntd's overlay since that seems like it's what I need.