In-Game Timer is always necessary?
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In-Game Timer is always necessary?

Hello guys, im start running Re2 and i cant make the in-game timer works in livesplit, the questions is, can submit a run with real time in Livesplit? off course counting the game time in the final screen of the game.

Its possible?? or is strictly the use of Game time in Livesplit?

Indiana, USA

Livesplit isn't mandatory to have when submitting a run. It's more for the runner to have to keep track of their times and PBs. You can use real time if you'd like. If you go to the guide section of this game you will find a tutorial on how to set up the auto splitter. Best of luck to you!

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@Hatee En general no es necesario, pero si en el juego tienes que mostrar el inicio cuando pones la dificultad y el tiempo final después de los creditos. Con eso esta mas que valido :D. Lo que si es que a veces los splits te ayudan mucho a ver en que segmento puedes ganar mas tiempo.

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Thanks for helps guys, i will start to record my runs, after alot of practice my first full run was 1:04:00, i want my spot on the leaderboard hahaha.

Bkn igual saber que en chile tambien hay gente que haces speedrun y se mueve por la pagina :DDD

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