Is there a live split that supports the cut scene skip mod?
1 year ago
Tokyo, Japan

I am practicing resident evil 2 with cut scene skip mod. I am having trouble measuring the time. Is there a timer? Thanks in advance.

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Tokyo, Japan

By the way, I am looking for a LEON A autospliter.

I think this game is a great piece of work. However, as you all know, there are very long movie scenes.

Therefore, I get quite bored during the game, and waste a lot of time.

So, I think it would be better to have an autospliter for cut scene skip. This is my problem to you.

I know that the cut scene skip time is not strictly accurate. But if we can increase the accuracy of the split, we can adopt it as an official rule. It is only as a sub position.

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United Kingdom

What are you running the game on? PC, emulator etc? The pc speedrun version lets you remove the movie cut scenes from your game and has a working auto splitter

Tokyo, Japan

@Flynn_Lives Thank you for your reply. I am using PC software. I am interested in your support for automatic splitting. Where can I find autospliter for movie cutting?


You can only skip FMVs on this game, if you mean the regular cutscenes then it ain't allowed and I doubt you could find splits for it. If you do mean just the FMVs you can find the splits and autosplitter on the Resources section.