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I finally got my GC controller to work (via the Mayflash Wii U/PC adapter) on PC/Steam with x360ce. I was thrilled to be able to play RE 0 with the muscle memory I built up during a decade or so. (I suck at using a re-mapped PS4 controller, which is what I've used so far.)
But, seems like the game doesn't fully recognize the controller as an Xbox one, so I can only use tank controls, as the character will only walk using the stick, and not run.

Is there a way to fix this, if anyone has tried?

It would be so sweet to get the both of two worlds.
Worst case scenario, I'd have to get used to playing with my newly bought Xbox one controller to benefit from alt controls.

Thanks on beforehand for any and all help.


In my case, I'm using a PS3 controller with DS3tool in order to emulate the X360 controller, and works fine. The thing you are describing is like the distance can move your stick is too short to regognize running, nor more idea, sorry.

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If there's any option to configure the controller's Dead Zone for the stick, that sounds like what you'd be looking for.

Hopefully that helps somewhat.

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Thanks for the replies! ❤️
Wow, Vox, that really helped...!

The setting is there in x360ce and it only took a little bit of testing and tweaking (oops, that almost became "twerking" because keyboard) et voilà: you can now play RE Zero flawlessly with the GC controller (if you have the MF adapter too, of course)!

The only thing is that there are "too few" buttons (as everyone knows) so you have to ditch e.g. the input for taking out the map (which is useless anyway and you can find it via the status screen).
I use "Type C" scheme and if you're interested, this is how I've mapped the buttons:

For the Dead Zone settings, this works fine:

I guess this is good news if you want to play this game with the GC controller, right?

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